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June 20, 2012

Five Tips for Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Corporate hierarchies can be a ruthless environment for many motivated individuals. In addition to office politics, an employee interested in climbing the corporate ladder will face a variety of challenges. The following guide provides five proven tips for climbing the corporate ladder.

Beating Office Politics

Office politics can be a minefield for many employees. Many of your coworkers will be looking for the same promotion as you are. Because of this, other employees may look for opportunities to make you look worse in front of managers and other leaders. It’s important to maintain good relationships with coworkers if possible. While many offices are filled with frustrating and annoying people, it’s important to remember that these people may one day be in a position where they can make hiring and firing decisions. Because of this, it’s essential to avoid making enemies. Even an enemy in a low position now may be in a position later on where he or she can damage your career.

Taking on More Responsibility

It’s important to take the initiative on as many projects as possible. By showing that you are motivated to succeed in a job, it may be possible to convince managers to give you more responsibility. In some cases, the act of taking on more responsibility will put one in a position where he or she already performs the duties of a higher position.

Networking With Decision Makers

It’s essential to network with managers and other decision makers as often as possible. By building a network of high-value contacts, it’s possible to increase your chance of a job promotion. Many hiring managers will make a decision based on if they know a person. While it’s important to have solid skills and a list of accomplishments behind your name, it’s even more important to build a position relationship with hiring managers. In many cases, a manager will ignore people that they don’t know.

Don’t Take on Too Much

It’s important to avoid taking on more responsibility than you can handle. While many people are gung-ho about getting a promotion, they may take on work responsibilities that can reduce their chance of a better career. People who take on more responsibility than they can handle will look like fools to managers. In addition, you may be at an increased risk of a demotion or termination if you can’t meet goals that you set for yourself.

Become a People Person

While technical skills and accomplishments are always good to have on your resume, they alone can’t help you make your career happen. It’s essential to be a likable person. People who have excellent communication skills are more likely to be successful in a corporate environment. If you have problems communicating with people or have a problem making new friends, it’s important to take a hard look at your personality and its potential flaws. Without a great personality and a good attitude, it will not be possible to climb the corporate ladder.

Chloe Stenton writes full-time for education blogs nationwide. She writes for where you can find out more about online executive MBA programs.

One Response to “Five Tips for Climbing the Corporate Ladder

    avatar Webseo Moz says:

    Attitude is the key, like they say “A job is’nt a job, it is who you are.”

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