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August 20, 2012

Submitting Articles to Web 2.0 Sites

There are many ways to get links. You can write awesome content that people will want to link to, submit your site to directories, submit press releases, comment on blogs, post on forums, syndicate articles, guest post, etc. But one of the most hassle-free and controllable ways of getting links is by submitting articles to Web 2.0 sites.

What are Web 2.0 sites or Web 2.0 properties? Web 2.0 was a phrase coined after the turn of the millennium to describe the second phase of the internet. The web stopped being a one-way conversation where users consumed information and turned into the social and dynamic space where users would contribute to the information available.

So blogs, wikis and social sites are all parts of the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

However, here we are talking about specifically posting to Web 2.0 sites for the purposes of getting links to your site. To do this you need sites where you can set up a blog or site and post articles with dofollow back links quickly.

Feeder sites:
When you create Web 2.0 properties they should not always be created equally. You should create 3 to 6 “feeder sites” which will link into your money site and will have other Web 2.0 properties linking to them.

Here are the best Web 2.0 sites you can use for your feeder sites:

Hubpages – Once signed up with an account, it is very easy to set up a “Hub” or page. – For those of you who have self-hosted blogs and are familiar with the WordPress interface, setting up and posting to these sites is as easy as pie. – One of the best Web 2.0 sites out there. Started by marketing genius Seth Godin.

So with your feeder site successfully set up and linking back to your money site, you can start linking both to the money site and the feeder sites with other Web 2.0 properties.

The relationship between Feeder sites and Web 2.0 properties

List of Web 2.0 Properties

Here is a general list of other Web 2.0 sites where you can publish articles – or blog posts – with links that can act as a “second layer” of links.

* – OK.
* – OK.
* – OK
* – Difficult interface.
* – WordPress interface, super easy!
* – Nice and easy!
* – Nice and easy!
* – OK
* – Google’s blogging tool, super easy!

What Articles Do You Need?

In order to post to Web 2.0 sites to get back links you are going to need some articles. I like to make these at least 450 words long although some post only 300 word articles. They should also be of good quality and readable.

You should always be posting unique articles.

Further Important Tips for Posting to Web 2.0 Properties

Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for posting to Web 2.0 sites.

* Don’t cram the articles with links. Say you have 450 word articles, only have one link to the money site on the feeder sites, but maybe two links (one to the money site and one to a feeder site) for a Web 2.0 site.

* Don’t always use the same anchor text. OK, you are targeting a particular keyphrase but don’t use it all the time, maybe only 40% of the time on the outer layer of Web 2.0 sites. Otherwise use the same keyphrase with words added on or taken away from it (as long as it makes sense) or other relevant keyphrases.

* Don’t always link to the home page. Don’t have all your links going to the home page particularly on the outer layers of Web 2.0 sites. Link deep. Google likes a site that has people linking to various pages within it.

* Link out to an authority site. Don’t just link to the same money site. Link out to Wikipedia – you can make it a rel=nofollow link if you want.

* Add images. Make sure they’re your copyright, relevant and with pertinent file names, captions and alt text.

* Don’t just post one article and then forget about it. These Web 2.0 sites weren’t set up for you to leave your dirty links on them. They want thriving, quality sites that are constantly updated. And they’ll delete the accounts of people who are obviously link building. Return to the Web 2.0 site a week or two later and post another article, maybe without any links. Keep on topping these sites up with quality, relevant text.

That last point is particularly important.

Article by Rob Cubbon. I was originally a designer who discovered blogging as a great way of getting business and making money. Now my design business has expanded into SEO, SM, online promotion and internet marketing.

30 Responses to “Submitting Articles to Web 2.0 Sites

    avatar Rob Cubbon says:

    Thank you, Jinny, well, maybe not 450 words every time but it’s better to write a substantial amount on these pages.

    avatar David says:

    What a great article. Im nopt sure my anchor text is right but at least its not consistent.

    avatar Racheal says:

    Great article ,what you mean by feeder sites .

    avatar martin says:

    been waiting for this info thankyou regards Martin

    avatar Gina says:

    Thanks for all of the great info! This especially helpful for the site owners among us who have offline businesses that we love and wish to take it online, but aren’t so savvy when it comes to this kind of ‘marketing’.

    avatar A.Quadir says:

    Article must be at least 450 words. Next article update after one weak four days what time…..

    pleas give me replay

    avatar How to submit article on web 2.0? says:

    I am new in submitting articles on web 2.0 also I did not do it to any other directory accept ezine. So I am to submit article here 8 articles of 500 words from monday on. can I learn a brief lesson from here? Or if possible any address to learn from video?

    avatar Rob Cubbon says:

    David, the most important thing is to vary the anchor text!

    Racheal, feeder sites link directly to your money site and have other web 2.0s linking to them.

    A.Quadir try to write another article for the same web 2.0 within a fortnight.

    Thank you everyone!

    avatar Anya says:

    Is it okay to post your website blog posts to article directories or web 2.0 sites?

    avatar shini says:

    very helpful post…. i started post articles on above web 2.0 site… thanks

    please mention new article submission list with instant approval.


    avatar global galaxy travel says:

    thanks u for the article

    I’ve tried squidoo but i don’t know why they locked my article. I just edit it and when i re submit it they locked it. Squidoo is good for link building but always be careful not to over do it or else your quality article will be neglected.

    avatar Asif Ali says:

    You can also Read Related below Article

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    avatar Maksud says:

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    Thanks for the link asif.It will be very helpful for me to do a good SEO for a website.

    avatar Hasan says:

    Really helpful article. Thanks for sharing.

    avatar Karandhir Kumar says:

    Wonderful website. Lots of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends. I would like to see extra posts like this…

    avatar YOGENDRA says:

    Actually i was confused about web 2.0 sites but here you have explained in a very nice way and now i understand the exact way to build good web 2.0 network. Thanks ROB.

    thank you so much finally i found great list. again thanks for sharing it.

    avatar nagaraju says:

    it is great post .i am getting more information from this web 2.0 really great article you will do write more article because so many friends depend on this site.

    avatar Tahir says:

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    avatar Mike Jack says:

    thanks for sharing web 2.0 article submission sites list 2016

    avatar Eric Olson says:

    If you don’t mind, I would suggest to your list another great article directory with instant approval: It allows do-follow links and many other useful features.

    This is a great article and it has started working for my blog.
    however, can I create 5 blogspot blog and begin to post on them to link to my money site? will google value such backlinks that are coming from the same time every time? thanks once again

    avatar Matthew says:

    This was really handy when i was looking for building web 2.0 links.

    Thanks to the last point “Don’t just post one article and forget”.

    I’ll keep this in mind. Though i was looking to outsource this task.

    avatar sankar says:

    Great article. really I learn some points from this article. Anyone can explain Feeder sites. What is relation between feeder sites and web 2.0 sites ?

    avatar Biswajit says:

    Nice tips for submitting articles to Web 2.0 sites. Though this article has been written 5 years back, still it fits with the current time. Evergreen post.

    avatar Charlie says:

    Really a nice article. I was struggling in finding the right way to improve by search presence through web2.0 articles. I found the right way. Thank you.

    avatar shubham says:

    Thanks to the last point “Don’t just post one article and forget”.

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