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August 28, 2012

Twitter: 140 Characters of Pure Gold

Twitter is a fast paced social platform! Your Twitter stream conversations can literally fly by with tweets and information in seconds. It’s a microblog platform using 140 characters. If you can text, you can use Twitter!

Often I have people ask, “140 Characters??!! What can you do with 140 characters?” My answer… anything you want to! You can share valuable tips and strategies, links to your blog posts, links to websites, to articles, programs, events… you name it, you can share it on Twitter.

Because of this fast paced interaction Twitter becomes useful in ways you may not have thought about.

Going Mobile

Users may not check their emails, open their snail mail, or check their home voice mail… But… they DO check their social platforms for their Twitter updates. This makes mobile messaging one of the most cost effective ways to connect and communicate with your clients and customers and a useful way to get a quick 140 character message out globally or to the local marketplace.

In my interview with Al Ferretti of, we talked about how mobile marketing was out performing computers 5 to 1 and decisions to purchase were being made right there in the business aisles!

Twitter Online Marketing is Essential

Marketing on Twitter is critical when it comes to increasing your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. Search engines crave content, and nowhere is there more content found than on Twitter! This makes Twitter one of the best places for searching online.

Twitter for Local Clients, Customers and Laser Targeted Searches

Using Twitter’s local geographical data, you can locate local people, business, products, and services for targeting your direct market.

Using the advanced search function on Twitter –, you can type in keywords that your market may be searching for, finding your business, product, or services. These Twitter features can find and connect with local prospects interested in using your product or service.

Twitter Terminology

You don’t have to be on Twitter very long to realize Twitter has its own way of talking. You’ll hear “Hashtags,” Retweets, RT’s, FollowFridays, and DM’s. Below is Twitter glossary of terms:

• RT – ReTweets: Use when repeating someone else’s Tweet (high compliment when your tweets are ReTweeted – always Tweet back ex: @Livvie>Matthews “Thank you for the RT”).

• @connects: This is how you know when someone has mentioned you specifically on Twitter. (ex: @Livvie_Matthews Enjoying your tweets and posts) This would show up in my Twitter stream and on the stream of the person who sent the “tweet.”

• #FF or FollowFriday: FollowFriday (all one word) is a very popular way for people on Twitter to recognize and suggest some people for others to follow. This is done on Fridays and is tweeted by using the hashtag #FF.

• #hastags: This pulls tweets of a certain subject together all in one place. Just add the # in front of the word (ex: #socialmedia shows all posts using #socialmedia hashtag).

• DM – Direct Messages: This is Twitter’s private messaging and sent directly from you to that person or vice versa. Keep DM to less than 140 characters.

**NOTE: You must both be following each other or you CANNOT send a direct message to that person (exception is your Thanks for Following DM).

Twitter Action Steps: About 10 Minutes A Day

• Post the same types of information as in your Facebook Status Updates. Stay in 140 characters.

• Be sure to keep your Tweets to 140 characters or less – 120 is good for the old RT and adding a comment at the end.

• Always check your @connects and check to see if any of your information has been ReTweeted (RT) Be sure to send a reply tweet with a Thank you to that person using their Twitter @name (example: @Livvie_Matthews). If you don’t use the @ symbol the person or business you are tweeting about will not know you have mentioned them.

• Pre-schedule 4 – 6 Tweets per day using

• Tweet tips, strategies, how-to’s, quotes, questions, answers and even personal interests. Retweet other’s tweets, links to articles, blog posts, related stories, tools, techniques … anything of value to your followers.

• Upload pictures using Be sure to add a comment.

Post on Twitter as you would any other social platform…consistently. Tweeting valuable and relevant content regularly keeps your Twitter feed updated with meaningful information for your followers, who will become customers and repeat customers. This can be fun and one of the best ways to see results from Twitter.

If you are using Twitter, how are you using it for your business?

Livvie Matthews provides Social Media Training, Management, & Coaching solutions to businesses for in-house or outsourcing their social media programs. She is passionate about helping service professionals learn to draw clients into their space using the incredible power of Social Media & Internet Marketing! Email or Visit: http://www.SimpleSocialMedia.TV