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October 9, 2012

Technology News Briefs — Oct. 9, 2012

HTC earnings dip by $65M

HTC’s third-quarter earnings dropped $65 million in the third quarter to once again perform below company expectations.

The Taiwanese firm, the world’s fifth largest Smartphone maker, said Oct. 8 its third-quarter profit dipped 79 percent over last year. Profits fell from $3.04 billion in the second quarter to $2.39 billion in the third.

The company, in August, forecasted a high of $2.73 billion for third-quarter revenue. Analysts had expected the company to earn around $2.9 billion.

Google Play Movies, Music, TV Now Available

Google Play movies, music and TV shows are now available on Google TV.

The launch will take a few weeks to complete, Google said in a blog post.

“You’ll be able to buy or rent content directly through the Google Play Store on Google TV, and purchases you’ve made on other devices will also be automatically available on Google TV,” the blog post said.

“Google Play titles will also be discoverable through our TV & movies app, which brings recommendations for shows and movies available on live TV and apps like Netflix, Amazon, and now Google Play.”

Users can buy or rent content directly through the Google Play Store on Google TV. Purchases made on other devices will also be automatically available.

Retailer Launches Windows 8 Ahead of Microsoft’s Plans

The Home Shopping Network (HSN) jumped the gun over the weekend, launching Windows 8 well ahead of Microsoft’s plans.

The retailer launched a website detailing five new computers from Gateway and Acer, all featuring the new Microsoft operating system which is not yet available for sale.

Microsoft’s official launch party for the new operating system is Oct. 26.

A representative told Fox News Microsoft has asked HSN to remove the web pages. HSN, according to news reports, has refused.

The webpage has all-in-one desktop models, laptops, and even a touchscreen model at prices ranging from $699 to $1,199. They, reportedly, have sold out.

Customer Retention, Loyalty Top Problems: Survey

Customer retention and building customer loyalty is a challenge, according to retailers polled in a September survey.

RSR Research cites marketing budget constraints due to an uncertain economy and “fragmentation of customer segments that make it harder to reach customers” as the other main concerns.

Data from RSR’s “Marketing in Retail: Making the Case for the CMO” indicates only 56 percent of respondents believe their company knows who their best shoppers are — a 73 percent dip from 2011.

A customer loyalty program is an essential part of their marketing strategy, 56 percent of respondents say — a 39 percent hike over last year.

Targeted marketing across channels appears to be a problem for retailers with just 43 percent rating themselves as proficient in that area. In 2011, the rating sat at 35 percent.

RSR concludes as marketers focus more on these areas, they are discovering how little they know about their customers.