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October 23, 2012

Muse to Help Users Manipulate Brainwave Patterns

A Toronto company has invented a headband that allows users to take control of their mental state.

Interaxon introduced the Muse prototype — a flexible brainwave-sensing headband — to the world Oct. 22 in the hopes of raising $150,000 to manufacture the mind-reading devices.

Interaxon describes the gadget as a “heart monitor for your brain.” The headband has four sensors: two sit on the forehead, and one behind each ear. The device uses electroencephalograph (EEG) to read the brain’s overall pattern of activity, like how relaxed or alert you are. That data is then sent wirelessly to the user’s Smartphone or tablet, where custom algorithms process the results.

“With practice you can learn to manipulate your brainwave pattern, like flexing a muscle you’ve never used before,”  the company website reads.“Improve brain health, fitness training, stress management, studying, and much more.”

The company has also a developed a software application that works along with Muse. It is a brain trainer app that helps people develop a healthier, more productive mind.  Down the road, it is also hoped that Muse could be used to control functions on Smartphones, gaming consoles, computers, household appliances or other electronic devices.

Interaxon has launched, Indiegogo, a manufacturing campaign to raise $150,000. The device will retail for $199.