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October 31, 2012

Android Apps for Finance Management

Android is the popular mobile platform in today’s market. It is the leading operating system that gives a user-friendly interface. Due to its openness, the demand for Android devices has grown rapidly. It gives customers the flexibility to download numerous apps from Google Play — the biggest market to advertise and distribute Android apps.

There are millions of Android-compatible applications to make it easier and more convenient to be on the top of your finances.

Free Applications

Google finance: It shows real-time quotes and portfolios. Using this tool, you can easily access the information displayed on charts. It keeps you up-to-date with current market information.

• It contains three tabs for market, portfolios and news.
• It can easily synchronize with Google Finances.
• Market summary can be displayed in chart format where you can easily analyze the information.

Karl’s mortgage calculator: It aids in calculating your mortgage’s overall principal and interest rates. If you are buying a new home, for instance, enter the down payment amount and it calculates how much is required for the loan.

• You can easily track the changes in monthly payments like PMI, HOA.
• It supports ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) with changes in rates.
• It has several rounding options and can display the cash in various currencies.

Easy Money: A popular money management feature which integrates expense manager, bill remainder and check book. It helps you to track the daily expenses in a comfortable way. With timely reports and graphs you can analyze the cash flow and expenses.

• You can manage all your business, personal and travel expenses.
• It can split transactions that help in easy management.
• Sends timely notifications for bills that are due and recurring bills.

Paid Applications

Check book genius: It is the latest electronic checkbook that efficiently manages your transactions. It traces the information depending upon the priority. It is different from the other checkbook that provides eight methods to categorize transactions and six methods for to sort accounts.

• It offers backup data and can transfer the data efficiently from one Android device to the other.
• Offers high security with password protection
• Provides color coding of the accounts to distinguish it from others.

Splash Money: with the help of this tool you can easily manage bank transactions, which can be downloaded easily into a splash money account. It maintains different accounts such as savings, credit cards, assets and liability.

• It uses blowfish encrypted algorithms to provide high security.
• Can resolve account details and can print the details of the reports.
• Supports multiple currency exchanges.

Payment scheduler: It is the add-on tool that can be used along with any finance application like Mortgage Calculator or Payoff Planner. It helps in timely payment of your bills. The input data comes from the top financial apps. As soon as the data arrives, it can organize your payment details.

• Due payments will be highlighted in red to alert customers.
• It allows you to hide bill payment details.
• You can maintain the track of payment modes with a single click.

Article by Emily Roberts. There are various financial features in Android devices that can serve your purpose. Choose the right app that satisfies your needs. There are paid and free features. If the free functionality doesn’t assist your purpose then go for a paid one. Click here if you need financial help to afford these tools.