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December 17, 2012

Five Mobile Apps to Make Your Business Life Easier

Mobile business applications have become the standard when conducting business, whether your company is using an iPad to give a presentation to potential clients or you’re checking your e-mail on your Blackberry mid-flight. Here’s a look at five invaluable business apps that aid both employers and their employees.

1. FlightTrack

Available for iPhone and Android, FlightTrack is an easy-to-afford app that helps business travelers stay apprised of their schedules without having to spend hours in an airport on an unexpected layover. The mobile app enables busy professionals to get alerts via their Smartphones, access flight schedules and even get information about the weather on the way. Instead of getting to the airport and finding a flight is delayed or canceled, executives can receive up-to-date information from their home or office and, save precious time.

2. Paycor

Payroll is one of the most important components of any business, but making sure everything goes right isn’t always easy. Numerous factors go into getting payroll right and not every company has the capability of keeping the staff on-site to handle the diverse range of needs their employees have. Company managers and employees both need to stay informed and receive help with payroll questions. Paycor’s mobile app, available on iOS and Android, enables employees to access their past paystubs, see year-to-date deductions and contact anyone in the employee directory, all at their own convenience.

3. Evernote

The days of taking notes by hand haven’t left us entirely, but for many, using a tablet or laptop to take notes during a meeting or presentation has become standard practice. Make the process a little easier and more precise by using a service like Evernote, available for use on a variety of devices, including WindowsMobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPod. The notes you take can be synchronized with your laptop and desktop computers, enabling you to access that idea you had at midnight, immediately following lunch with a client, or while waiting for your garment bag at baggage claim.

4. Salesforce

A free app for salespeople on the go, Salesforce allows you to keep track of your sales information, activities, new leads and requests from potential customers. You can also upload photos, leave comments and post status updates, such as announcing that recently closed deal. The app is available on iOS, BlackBerry and Android.

5. Skype

An important resource for any office, Skype gives you the chance to stay in touch with contacts worldwide. Communicate for free via instant message or make video calls, whether you’re following up on a conversation you had following a meeting, chatting with co-workers in a sister office, or interviewing potential candidates in other states. Streamline the process of keeping your employees in touch and reach out to new contacts easily.

Being able to stay in touch with important contacts and access information while out of the office is crucial for professionals around the globe. Whether you’re confirming a flight, reviewing your talking points before a seminar, tracking your paystubs or jotting down a quick idea to discuss at the next company meeting, mobile apps help you stay organized and accomplish your goals.

Joseph Baker has worked in the business world for more than 10 years, specifically in management. He has led development and management teams, and implemented budget reductions both professionally and as an independent contractor. He is also an avid blogger and inbound marketer, with published topics ranging from social media trends to search media metrics and algorithmic trends.