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January 11, 2013

101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

One of the chief concerns we have as website owners is how to drive traffic to our websites. Without knowing how to get more traffic, how else will we get more leads, make more sales and continue to make money online?

There are a number of ways to get more traffic, so I’ve collected this list of my favorite traffic-generation techniques. I’ve tried to organize them into the following categories:

• Content and article marketing
• SEO and search engine marketing
• Video marketing and podcasting
• E-mail marketing and syndication
• Advertising and PPC
• Public relations and spreading the word
• Social media and bookmarking

Of course, some techniques could arguably be placed in more than one category.

Content and Article Marketing

1. Start a blog or add a blog to your website. Use WordPress.
2. Research your article keywords using the Google keyword tool. Target your blog posts and articles using these keywords. (Read How to Add Keywords to Your Website.) This will help your posts rank higher in the search results.
3. Update your website or blog frequently. Three times each week is great. Daily is better.

To continue reading Matt’s article please go to: 101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

20 Responses to “101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

    avatar SAK says:

    Thanks great tips and suggestions to generate Trafiic and SEO

    wtg MATT

    avatar Matt says:

    Thank you, SAK!!

    avatar Ryan says:

    This is great, thank you for sharing your tips. Traffic is such a very important factor. In the web world, each and every online based business needs traffic for its promotion. Even if you have the best product, the best website and everything else you need to make it the best business out there BUT if the webpage lacks traffic, the business will not do so well. Thus, sending traffic to your website is necessary for a business to carry on effectively and profitably.

    avatar Vince Collaso says:

    Excelllent and informative traffic post!
    Your step-by-step method is priceless and
    newbies should definitely take note. Keep the great content coming!

    avatar Matt says:

    Thank you, Ryan and Vince. Ryan, I couldn’t agree more. What good is a website if no one sees it?

    avatar Anna Morrish says:

    Simple yet effective. Content Marketing is huge! A lot bigger than some people may give it credit for. It’s something that is often seen as a luxury when it should be seen as a necessity- because that’s what it is!

    avatar Matt says:

    Thanks, Anna. I agree. That’s why I placed content marketing at the top of the list! ;o]

    Thanks for commenting!

    avatar Abu Rayhan says:

    To get traffic to your website, the main and most important is to have good contents with proper keywords.

    avatar Oyedepo John says:

    Recently, I read about a blog post arguing that quality content is not enough to drive traffic to a blog. And I had to agree with him. You see… getting traffic don’t have to be about one tip… all goes hand-in-hand. While focusing on content marketing, also attach it with a quality SEO technique. Great write-up.

    avatar Matt says:

    Thank you, Oyedepo John!

    avatar gino duval says:

    Super stuff, i realy need to work harder then to get me all the traffic posible , but now that i know more ill get right on it,, thnx,,keep up the good work and inlighten us.

    avatar Pamela says:

    Keep your content real. Talk with potential customers as if they were sitting in front of you.

    This alone isn’t enough unless your targeting a niche keyword or phrase that has no or little competition. Try to build your domains authority and the pages authority along with sharing on social media and bookmarking sites.

    avatar Yugi says:

    I mostly like to focus on keyword and contents when posting an articles to my blog. Thanks, Mat

    avatar kelvin says:

    Other than working on the keywords, interactive content is a must too. This will ensure user interact with your site which indirectly promoting your site too.

    avatar Francis says:

    Thanks a lot for your tips and insight.

    I’m just beginning to get into Video marketing now myself and finding it very beneficial as Google seems to like this.

    avatar Julia says:

    Apparently, SEO seems to be the easiest and simplest as compared to the rest. Twitter is also good provided you have a good number of followers.

    avatar Michelle says:

    Hi Matt,
    As you outline it has to be a combination of methods. I recently purchased some software that covers a lot of the features you recommend, e.g. article spinner and directory submission, Press release tool, News release, keyword tool (will find ‘golden’ keywords your opposition are not optimizing for, yet have high search rates), video production and submission, finds high ranking blogs and forums in your niche to leave comments on, website analysis and the list goes on. I wrote a blog article outlining all the tools in the package which you can read here…

    avatar Ruth Anitha says:

    Thanks for sharing the basic aspects to create a blog and here also I learn some great free training, how to drive traffic to a blog and how to target the right people.

    Great post to improve site seo traffic.

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