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January 25, 2013

14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools Every Marketer Must Know About

Social media marketing is now widely used to promote products and services on an online platform. More and more businesses, companies and brands are turning to social networking platforms when promoting new products, rebranding or expanding operations, or to simply have more visibility in a virtual environment.

Social media marketing is mostly conducted on the more popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Sometimes, managing so many social networking accounts can be daunting and confusing, prompting the need for effective tools that can ease the burden of sifting through mountains of comments, questions and inquiries. Fortunately, there are hundreds of free social media marketing tools at your disposal. The disadvantage of this wide variety however, is the difficulty in finding the ones that will serve your needs effectively. To know which tools to look out for, here’s a list of tools created specifically for essential functions like providing analytics, scheduling posts and filtering through content.

Account Management

Buffer allows you to access and manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from a single dashboard. You can even schedule your posts for the three social networking platforms so that you can maintain seamlessness throughout your updates.

Commun.It. This tool helps you manage your Twitter account by making it easy for you to track your most active followers, answer questions sent by other Twitter users and to sift through direct messages or mentions that may need your attention. It gives you reports of your Twitter activities – including information on users that unfollowed you.

HootSuite. This easy-to-use tool has a straightforward dashboard where you can simultaneously see and manage your social networking accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Content Curation This tool makes it easy for you to save website content such as articles and images for sharing on your social networking accounts. After installing, you can easily save content URLs for sharing. You can also integrate this tool with HootSuite.

Storify. Like, you will be able to save online articles for future posting. As you scour for new content on the Internet, Storify allows you to organize your finds according to its topic.

Google Reader. This tool is an RSS feed reader that regularly checks for new content on your favorite news sites and blogs. You can customize the notifications that you will receive so that you can be instantly updated of new web content that you can share with your network.

Topsy. If you want to know the latest trends and topics about your industry, related products and competitors, Topsy is a useful tool for that purpose. This will help you stay up-to-date with the latest news and happenings that can affect your brand.


CrowdBooster is a powerful tool that tells you essential metrics that will give you an insight on when the most ideal posting times are, the Klout scores of your Twitter followers and your top and most popular posts on Facebook. For all the information that CrowdBooster provides, it’s understandable that they offer their services for a price.

Facebook Insights. This tool will help you track the growth of your Facebook page and the impact of your posts. The analytics that this tool provides can help you gain a better understanding of your fans and the areas of your campaign that need improvement.

Klout. This free social media marketing tool gives influencer scores using social media activity and interactions as its basis. There are 400 variables measuring one’s Klout score. It also gives insights on which areas in your campaign need improvement and which activities provide the strongest influence for your brand.

HowSociable. Much like Klout, HowSociable provides you with a magnitude score based on your social media activities. Your score will determine whether you have a strong enough online presence and whether your brand is reaching your target audience. Aside from a social media accounts management system, also provides insights about the people that you are interacting with online. This will help you gauge whether you should focus more attention on certain individuals (who may have a large following of their own) and see if the people you interact with are more likely to share your content.

Brand Monitor. This useful tool also provides a dashboard where you can manage your social media accounts. It also takes you to conversations between users where your brand is mentioned. This will help you become a more active participant in interactions where a genuine interest for your products is already present.

Google Analytics Social Report. If you already have a Google Analytics account to measure your website’s performance, Social Report can be easily integrated into your dashboard which will help you have access to an overview of your social media marketing progress. This tool will give you an easy-to-understand visualization of the visitor and activity traffic in your social networking accounts so you’ll know which are the busiest times on your accounts and what type of content encourages the most interaction from your followers.

These are only some examples of the wide variety of tools that you can use to make your social media marketing more organized and effective. Without these tools, you will have a hard time determining whether your campaign is doing well or not. These tools will also help you make improvements in your strategy to make it more effective.

You can use these tools as often as you like and you are not limited by the ones that were provided on this list. To know which ones work best for your objectives, feel free to try as many of them as you like to see which ones you feel the most comfortable in using.

Article by Joey Babbs. Visit for more information on this topic. You can also check out their free affiliate methods & tools.

23 Responses to “14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools Every Marketer Must Know About

    avatar SAK says:

    This is true that there is wide variety of tools that you can use to make your social media marketing more organized and effective. Without these tools, you will have a hard time determining whether your campaign is doing well or not.


    “i think still email marketing can make the difference, U can engage customers via Social media but u have to send emails when have a list which u can persuaded using Social media tools like Pinterest, Stumbleupon, or social networks like twitter and Fbook

    avatar Peter says:

    Very useful information. I use HootSuite and BrandMonitor for my projects. Now I’m going to try the other tools too. Thank you!

    I was unaware about these analytic or tracking tools regarding social media campaigns. These shared tracking tools can help us a lot to point-out our mistakes regarding social media marketing strategy. To be honest i never used these tools even never try to track my campaign but now after read this informative post i am going to track my social media campaign.

    avatar Rob Osborne says:

    I’m already using some of these, but will be checking out the others as they all sound really useful.

    avatar Ken says:

    Thanks for all the great tools.

    Thanks for sharing, I have already been using one or two, but was not aware of the other tools.

    […] 14 Free Social Media Marketing Tools Every Marketer Must Know About | SiteProNews: Webmaster News &a…. […]

    avatar Jwls says:

    Great article & very informative!! I use quite a few of these free tools already & they rock for Free! especially the google analytic’s tools! Also love the buffer app!!

    avatar Nayanna Chakrbarty says:

    Thanks for a bouquet of options. It’s a welcome change from the ones that are frequently promoted. I will definitely use some of these.

    avatar Cheryl says:

    CrowdBooster is going to a paid platform in March…I received a notice that my now free account will work till then and if I do not upgrade to the paid service it will stop in march…So I will be looking at some of these other programs in the meantime…Thanks for a great article!

    avatar Nina says:

    Thank you for this! There are many social media I have not heard of. Thank you!

    Thanks for sharing!

    As a Social Psychologist I’m amazed about how people are now expending their social ties. It is
    however difficult at times to distinguish between ‘genuine human communications’ and manipulative ‘technical exchanges between technically established acquaintances’.

    The tools you presented, so I assume, would most likely aid those who benefit from the technical manipulation of the various social channels.

    Dr. Joe

    As a matter of fact, i didn’t knew all of them, but it is a great list for start.
    Very useful and informative list, appreciate the effort to put them together for everybody.
    I expect the next articles and, maybe, more tools!

    avatar Sujit Paul says:

    Excellent. There are couple of other social media sites which I haven’t heard even. Thanks for sharing and will try to use. Cheers!

    avatar Ces says:

    Thanks for sharing this! Just what I needed! I’d like to try these tools out and see if they work best for me and for my company 🙂

    […] 14 Free social media marketing tools every marketer must know about […]

    avatar Nishant says:

    what will be suitable for my site
    offering fast jobs in india.

    avatar myfbproxy says:

    As Facebook continues the slow rollout of a tool to let users search out others by using common interests or other personal information, the site emphasized Thursday that minors will get special privacy protections.
    Graph Search capitalizes on Facebook’s massive bank of data about its users, or “social graph,” to seek out friends, or other users who have made their information public, using information about them.unblock facebook
    So, for example, you could seek out friends who “like” director Quentin Tarantino to make an invite list to see “Django Unchained” Friday night or remind yourself which of your friends are over 21 and live in Austin, Texas, to do some bar-hopping while you’re in town.
    But privacy advocates are worried. While Graph Search won’t show you any information that you couldn’t see otherwise, it does pull all that data together in one place in a way that could have some creepy uses.get on facebook
    That’s the sort of thing Facebook aims to prevent.
    Details including birthday, school, hometown and current city will only be available about users under 18 to their friends and friends of friends. And friends of friends will only be able to see them if they, too, are under 18.facebook proxy
    The tool was announced last month by CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The new search feature lets you draw connections between people, their profile information and their interests on Facebook. In theory, it’s a good recipe for finding recommendations for doctors, businesses, products, TV shows or bands.
    Users will be able to seek out people who aren’t their Facebook friends using the tool. But the only information they’ll see are things that a user has posted as “public” to the site.
    Graph Search currently has only been made available to a handful of early testers. But some of them have used it in ways they say raise privacy concerns.
    The searches could then be refined to see photos of the users, their friends and places they’ve worked.
    Facebook has emphasized privacy settings to keep such information from being publicly visible and said they’re continuing to fine-tune the tool as it rolls out.
    In December, Facebook overhauled it’s privacy controls, adding a handful of features while simplifying and clarifying how existing features work.

    avatar Hussain says:

    Thanks for this useful list many of them are new for me.

    Thank you for the free list of social media tools. As a marketer I love using facebook insights. The tool really gives you a good perspective on how engaged your readers are on your facebook fanpage.
    Great stuff! Keep up the good work.

    avatar ihatesatnite says:

    wow even i didnt mind it
    thanks for your information

    Thanks for sharing these and explaining them! I had never heard of most of these and know they will be very helpful.

    avatar Devin says:

    Great list. You introduced me to tools that I never knew were available. Thanks.

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