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January 30, 2013

Amazon-esque Resumé Garners Global Attention for French Web Product Manager

Philippe Dubost: Only 1 left in stock — Order soon

Web product manager Philippe Dubost is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame courtesy of his unique take on a resumé.

Dubost, from Paris, France, crafted an Amazon-esque resumé that has gone viral, generating a ton of feedback on his Twitter feed.

“This might just be the coolest CV ever!! Why didn’t we think of it?” tweeted Cosmopolitan U.K.

It has also nabbed him some television interviews as well as countless stories by media in North America and Europe.

Dubbed Phildub Hire Him: Philippe’s Amaz’ing resumé, the web page is an almost exact replica of Amazon’s model.

“Only 1 left in stock — Order soon,” the online resumé reads. “Ships from Paris, France. Gift-wrap available (frustration-free breathable packaging).” The list price of $999,999 is crossed out, no doubt a humorous way for Dubost to indicate he is open to salary offers.

The average customer review, of course, is five stars and is accompanied by glowing recommendations. The 37 one-star ratings were explained by Dubost on Twitter: “lots of ex-girlfriends.”


The resumé detailed his skills, qualifications and experience of course, but also fit in a bit of humor in the product details section.

• Product dimensions: Height: 186 cm;

• Shipping: This item is available for shipping anywhere in the world;

• Languages: English, French, Spanish;

• Best marathon time: 3hr22min.

Not only has Dubost garnered fleeting Internet fame with his online resumé — which took him two days to create — he has also received as many as 100 responses from prospective employers, according to The Independent.

Dubost told The Independent there were “a few opportunities that match what I’m looking for and that I’m going to pursue.”

He said he chose to model his resumé after an Amazon page because he is a “pathological Amazon addict” who “wanted to do something fun. Resumés are not fun. They’re not fun to write, not fun to read. I thought it would be fun to build a small web product that would feel a little bit like a game you could interact with, like those baby toys where every button you push makes a different noise.”