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February 8, 2013

Advanced Comment Tricks for Better SEO

Blog commenting is not a new trick, but it is one that works. Placing your comments on a niche blog brings both a high level of backlinks and traffic to your own blog. Changing times, however, demand better techniques and, as a blog writer, you need to use advance comment tricks for better search engine optimization.

1. Commenting helps you become influential

As a blog writer who wants to increase your reach, you should frequently comment on others blogs. This not only helps you enhance your knowledge base, but also ensures your own popularity as a blogger increases. Readers of the blogs on which you comment are likely to check out your blog too if you post valuable comments.

2. Social aspects related to commenting tricks

Social media websites such as Facebook and Google+ have given special importance to comments. Google+ has gone one step further, noting social presence as an important component of search engine ranking.

This has led to the creation of large number of personalized pages on social media networks. The best strategy is to have a dedicated Facebook page for your blog that is updated on a regular basis. Having a distinct presence works to the advantage of the blogger because readers will post comments which, in turn, helps the blogger understand the mood of the reader.

Check out the Facebook pages of other bloggers who write on niche topics and offer your comments. The readership of these blog will then be inclined to check out your blog as well.

3. Know which blogs to comment on

Knowing what blogs to post comment on is more relevant than the post itself. Use Google to create a shortlist of relevant blogs. You can also use the Google Double Click Planner to find popular blogs and bloggers.

4. Know the blogger before commenting

Do some quality research on the blogger before making comments on his or her blog.

Most blogs have a column for the author bio on which the authors have posted valuable information about themselves. Read these carefully before deciding on which blogs you wish to leave comments. Posting on a creative blog with great information will work wonders for you — you will be able to generate quality backlinks that can take you a step higher in the competitive world of online blogging.

5. Understand the commenting tribe

Before you decide to post a comment on a blog, it is imperative you develop an understanding of the commenting tribe. Check out the various comments posted on the blog. This will help you to better understand the topics that matter to the blog’s readers. Get involved and connect with others who have posted comments. Not only will our readership increase, you will have new friends who can bring in more business for your blog.

6. Revealing your identity

After short-listing blogs and prioritizing the topics on which you will offer comments, the next step is to reveal your identity to the readers. Using Gravatar to create a unique identity is one option, but never use funny images — this can cause readers to not take your comments seriously. Maintain a dignified presence and ensure your comments match the tone of your own blog. Using your real picture along with your full name is the best strategy because readers will better identify with you.

7. Engage with the readers

Make an effort to connect with those who comment on your comments. Answer any queries in a professional manner, but be friendly and down to earth as well. Nothing will turn off readers more quickly than arrogance.

Maintaining a dignified presence online is the key to success in the blogging world. Follow the above listed tips and you are sure to emerge as a leader in your niche category.

Claudia Sommerfield is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes in Sam Mustafa.

9 Responses to “Advanced Comment Tricks for Better SEO

    avatar Advanced Comment Tricks for Better SEO | The IT Chronicle says:

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    You may also analyze the post to comment on by analyzing the backlinks of top competitors. If they are getting the backlinks and ranking high then you can also…

    Thanks for providing advance trick on comment posting.

    avatar Simon says:

    Yes friend i agree with your post, comment posting is still useful for SEO and if you do relevant comment posting than it will help you to increase site ranking and traffic.

    I have really loved the grasping quality of software company content posted by you and would like to read more such contents related to this topic. I have really read this blog completely and this has undergone after a long time.

    avatar Sabrina says:

    Yes Friend, I am agree with your post when you are commenting you have to read Article Or Post and than comment.

    Nice Post, I hardly found useful post which contains real and useful information. I am 100% sure who ever read your post will definitely going to learn something useful.

    I really appreciate this post and do agree with your thought. Engagement to the readers, that’s a good example and by giving ideas and thoughts makes a good conversation.

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