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February 27, 2013

Creating Magnetic Content to Attract Quality Links

Magnetic content grabs people’s attention and engages its readers to such a degree, they share it with others. By creating and delivering valuable content to customers, you drive interest in your brand, gather a larger audience and build trust. Magnetic content enhances your brand’s image, creates a positive website experience and informs and educates visitors, thereby attracting quality links.

Compelling content encourages visitors to bookmark your page, come back to your site for more and recommend your site to others. To acquire quality links, you need to know your customers, create content that is relevant and of high quality and use a mix of media to widen its reach.

Here are some simple ways to enhance your content:

Spend time doing research

Attractive content needs to be simple, precise and have all the stuff that your target audience expects. You will have to do extensive research before you put your pen to paper. Refer to case studies to get a better idea of concepts. Keep the focus on value to readers and not on keyword density. To directly communicate with the target community, owning a blog is ideal because you can receive feedback, opinions and reviews from people — all of which help you in the content marketing process.

Design infographic posts

An infographic is a great tool to build instructive content for your website. In general, people like to see facts and statistics. You can make use of images and charts in infographics to create visually appealing content. This will help visitors scan the information and grasp concepts easily. Because an infographic is designed to present complex information in a manner that facilitates easy comprehension, is has the potential to go viral when it is shared.

Use video posts

Visual content is more popular, effective and attractive than written content. Adding video posts in websites and blogs has become a significant way to increase traffic. You can use video posts to offer a product demo, talk about service offerings, answer questions, provide tips, conduct interviews etc. There are many platforms that can be used to publish your videos so they will be shared worldwide.

Create blog posts 

Blog posts are the best way to share your thoughts, opinions and ideas while promoting your products and services. To reach a large number of visitors, first analyze who your target audience is. Examine what people expect from your website and build your blog posts around topics that are relevant to your industry. You can also host a separate blog instead of having the blog as a section on your site. Provide the links of the sources you have referred to for writing the blog post, so readers know where to go for additional information.

Creating compelling content and link-building go hand-in-hand in a content marketing campaign. Both of these strategies are very important in enhancing traffic and should be given equal weight for the success of your campaign.

Brian Taylor is the VP, business development at Forix SEO in Portland, OR. Forix offers affordable and ethical SEO services in Portland helping small businesses with their Internet marketing needs.