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March 5, 2013

Virtual Environments and How they Can Attract Traffic To Your Site

A fully-integrated virtual environment attached to your website creates a level of digital interactivity between you and your clients that greatly enhances communication and collaboration between you and your staff, customers or business partners. There is no comparable digital alternative.

Setting up a virtual environment within the framework of your online presence is a unique, powerful and cutting-edge way to create memorable client experiences that attract new traffic and grow your business model.

What are Virtual Environments?

In essence, a digital virtual environment creates a seamless, fully interactive online communications space in which you, your partners and your clients can work together, present information and network just as if you were all interacting in a real space in real time.

By setting up a virtual space, your website can create large-scale public events such as seminars, business meetings and sales events in which people meet, exchange information, talk and get to know others. It offers intuitive ease of movement and activity while working through a single large integrated digital space with full video, audio, movement and information exchange capacity.

Connecting to the virtual environment is easy through the creation of a registration and access-enabled micro-site from which attendees to an event organized by you can enter your virtual space, book specific events into their online or computer based schedule calendars and move around for the sake of networking just as if they were working within a physical space.

Interactive help options and greeting protocols encourage your online event visitors to communicate with others and network freely with almost anyone they like. You yourself, as the administrator of this virtual space can set all sorts of visual and mechanical parameters that decide how this partner/customer interaction works, giving you complete control of the events.

Another benefit of such a deeply interactive space is that it can save you thousands of dollars on physical travel and logistics management—savings that you and your clients can both directly benefit from and look forward to.

In essence, instead of organizing complex seminars in assorted physical locations and then having to manage the arrival of dozens or even hundreds of attendees, you can seamlessly recreate the entire experience online in every conceivable way.

Full Social Communications Connectivity

Some of the features behind these virtual spaces even augment what a real-time seminar or event could provide to create a truly superior experience. For example, virtual environments created by a fully-integrated service like Intercall allow for constant use of a wide range of chat, e-mail, blogging and discussion forum functions that are all complemented by full connectivity to all of the major social media platforms that both you and your clients might be using.

Additionally, language barriers also need not be the hindrance they might present in reality since live chat translation functions can convert between at least 50 different major and minor languages.

Customizable Features

Personalized profile building technology that integrates with your site’s virtual space platform lets each of your visitors build their own customized user profile and use it across multiple events you promote. Additionally, you as the business owner can fully customize each of these events in an assortment of visual and functional ways, depending on specific needs; you can even reuse features from multiple virtual spaces for any new events.

There are also numerous other features that fit into these online communications spaces you’ve created. They are extremely diverse and can include technologies that perform tasks ranging from visitor metrics to multi-tiered virtual event administration to full-scale information and document exchange through digital briefcases. Other useful features include the ability to conduct polls and visitor/attendee surveys with ease while also presenting live Web data from other sources and answering questions.

Client Retention and Traffic Building Benefit

Due to their sheer interactivity and flexible collaboration power, the virtual environments you integrate with your site and present to your clients will both astound and impress them with their serviceability. Being used to largely average user experiences with other companies on the Web, your clients and sales event attendees will view your efforts as unique, extremely convenient and in many cases also see them as a deal due to savings in travel costs associated with attending an important business event.

All of these reactions are deeply important when it comes to making potential clients choose between you and a competing company that provides similar products or services but has no fleshed-out technological presence with which to deliver them conveniently.

Additionally, after having seen and worked with your superior and highly professional online presentation system, clients will gush to their friends and associates about the benefits of working with you within the particular niche you happen to serve.

The long-range results of these factors are exactly what any business wants: Increased traffic, increased popularity and increased sales.

Steven Chalmers has written for the tech industry for more than 15 years and has developed a wealth of knowledge during that time. When he’s not writing, you can find him reviewing Intercall’s virtual environments as well as other tech related services.