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March 6, 2013

Free Traffic: 22 Methods That Really Work

Driving traffic can be confusing, can’t it? Everyone seems to be wanting to sell their “latest and greatest” method of driving traffic.

One thing that seems to be missing in the talk about traffic online is the ability to see the big picture.

At the end of the day, there are only two ways to get traffic. You earn it or you buy it.

So it’s time for a little common sense and a look at the big picture of getting traffic. Today we’ll glance at 22 proven ways to get traffic the old fashioned way… by earning it. This is just an overview, but I’ll get more in depth with each topic in later articles.

The key to succeeding with free traffic methods is to choose one you enjoy and master it.

Let’s take a look at three major ways to get traffic by earning it, and the specific techniques that come from those choices.

Traffic Moves In Streams

When Bob Allen asked me to help him write “Multiple Streams of Internet Income” I was honored. But only when I read the finished work did I realize his true genius. He had summed up many methods of getting traffic and put them into a mental picture anyone could grasp in an instant… a great ocean of prospects flowing into a series of streams (a sales funnel) that created sales automatically.

To keep this as simple as possible I’m dividing my 22 proven methods into three themes:

* Publishing
* Broadcasting
* Collaboration

Your goal should not be to do all of these at one time. Find the one you like best and make it work for you.


You must publish, in order to succeed, online.

Happily, you can be a great publisher without being a great writer.

There are many ways to publish information online. We know that there is an almost endless supply of people searching for things…for information.

If you become the person who provides the information – be that by writing or by curating or aggregating – you will succeed. If you doubt that, check out the top blogs online. Guys like John Chow now charge $500 to simply review a product on their blog. Is it worth the price? In many cases it is.

Here are the most proven ways to publish online in my experience along with a couple of tips below the list about which work best for most people.

I’ve done all of these and continue to use most of these methods today.

* Publish an ezine
* Have a Squidoo lens
* Publish a blog
* Guest posting
* Viral marketing
* Article marketing
* Press Releases
* Distribution
* Books
* Email
* Reports

In my view blogging is the best way to start. It’s easy to set up and maintain. You can hire it done on sites like eLance or use a service like TypePad. One of my favorite marketers, Seth Godin, has used TypePad for years. So don’t think that using a service will limit you, because it won’t. For many it’s the best way to go.

Find the method you like!

If you like doing something you will keep doing it and it will become profitable the more you do it.

Big time bloggers like Chris Brogan or Brian Clark blog for profit now but they started with passion. If you follow your passion the profits will come!

The beautiful thing about the Internet is that there is an audience for almost any topic. Even if you never create a single product of your own, you can make money by providing your audience with the information they crave. When you do that consistently you become a trusted advisor, and people will buy what you recommend.


One HUGE key to succeeding with broadcasting is to repurpose your articles into videos, podcasts and more.

You never know how people will want to consume your information, so after you have created (or collected) your content repurpose it into another format and gain even more audience!

Turning your articles into videos and putting them on YouTube or Vimeo is super easy and fast. Likewise, having video content transcribed and then making that into a great article is easy and fast as well.

Another idea – transcribe webinar replays (with permission of course) into a series of articles or a short report. Give the report away and you can build your list faster and make more sales than ever.

I use this technique often. It works!

Here are the most proven broadcast methods in my view:

* Video
* Webinars
* Teleseminars
* Podcasting

If you are an active marketer now, then repurposing and broadcasting the information you already have can help you reach an audience you might never reach otherwise. Some people love video, some hate it, so why not appeal to all by providing both.

This is the best way to get marketing leverage that I know — do the work once and reach many audiences by taking a tiny bit of time to rework your ideas into new formats. Beautiful!


Another way to get great leverage is to work with others. We all know about joint ventures but there is more, much more, to working with others than doing things like ad swaps. Here are my favorites.

* Forums
* Linking
* Joint Ventures
* Testimonials
* Social Media
* Provide Services
* Swaps

When done right, working with others can be both fun and profitable.

If you have a powerful presence on social media, people will want to reach your audience. They’ll offer you money to do so.

I believe social media is the best place to start connecting. Start simple with Facebook and Twitter and move on once you have the routine in place. Just sharing what you are doing is not enough on social media – you need to think about your audience every time you share.

Action Steps

You might be thinking “pretty good article but what do I do now?”

Here are three suggestions…

1. When you publish anything – articles, videos, audio, anything – spend time (today!) thinking about how you can repurpose it into new content.

2. Follow your bliss. I know it’s easy for me to say that because I’m doing well and can follow my bliss all I want. But if you know me, you know that it has not always been that way, and I’m here to tell you that I got here by following my bliss. The article you are reading right now is what I wanted to do – so I did.

3. Choose one method and master it. Far too many people become discouraged after following a “guru” and ending up with nothing. Once you become interested in something, learn more about that topic.

* Who is using it well?
* How is it working for them?
* How can you emulate their success?
* What is the #1 free resource about the topic online?
* What is the #1 paid resource about the topic online?
* How can you get help if you need help?

Learning more and making a game plan will be necessary. But these methods can work if you work them. That much I know.

Think about this – how long have you been trying to make money online? Now what if you had been able to start with a clear direction, a proven roadmap that would take you from newbie to where you want to be?

That would be a gift, and a blessing.

Give yourself that gift today. Follow your passion, choose your methods and commit to excellence. Then watch as what you need comes your way while you are working hard at helping others.

It’s called the flow, and I know you can get there. It is worth the work it will take to get there because…

Being in the flow is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page owns the Directory of Ezines and is the author of 10 books about Internet marketing. Through his membership sites and personal consulting, Charlie helps people achieve their goal of independence in record time. Can Charlie help you? Find out at

50 Responses to “Free Traffic: 22 Methods That Really Work

    avatar SAK says:

    Blogging, Microblogging(twitter so Popular now a days for generating Traffic), SEO your blog and RSS feeds, Pod casts, Pinging, Directory submissions, And one thing you must not forget Traffic Exchange and PTC options

    You have to be really careful using Traffic Exchange and PTC, espc with Google Adsense. You could lose everything if you did this. If all you are after is hits, then that is fine, but if you need real traffic, with real customers behind it, these methods will not work.

    avatar Theguideaz says:

    Nice article..
    I want to ask you, if an article convert to video but no narration by someone just video with music background and upload such as youtube, is effective?

    avatar Susana King says:

    I have tried that on YouTube. You can just add a link to your website in the bottom of the video to your website.

    avatar Slava says:

    that’s a really very good post and the best is – it works the way as you describe. I started by blog only 4 months ago – I love what I do and just put it on my blog – sure, it’s hard work and you invest a lot of time in it – I don’t know if I ever will earn money with it, but I will go on as I love it, it’s my life and everyone shall know and will see – the best reward today are the comments of every subscriber they are leaving on my post and that makes me happy and keeps me going on – I’m looking forward what’s comming next.

    avatar Susana King says:

    What I also like about this post, is it has so much information that I can learn from. So I’m going to keep coming back to read some more and learn new things.

    avatar Shilpi Roy says:

    Visual (seeing) and auditory (listening) or kinesthetic (touching, experiencing) are three ways of learning and also teaching. So to drive traffic the mentioned three factors are very important. Great share.

    avatar Ed says:

    Glad I came by this very interesting article.

    Must implement this into my arsenal tools of marketing.


    avatar Blogger24 says:

    Very nice, well rounded article. I think there is something for everybody within this article that will be of use to them.
    I am particularly interested in the part that deals with turning your written posts into video.
    I definitely think that this is the way to proceed and the main way to increase traffic at the moment.

    Blogger 24

    Very Interesting Feature.Love Getting E Mails From Site Pro.Am No Web Master,But I Am Getting Better With The Info I Get With Site Pro.And It Is Making A Differance With My Web Site.Thanks

    avatar Office Supplies says:

    Hey Charlie, Thanks for sharing this interesting things it seems you have sound knowledge in Internet marketing and it’s strategies. I hope i will get more trick and tips from your posts..


    avatar Susana King says:

    This is an excellent post. I never knew anything about Vimeo. I’m going to try that site. Thanks!

    Totally satisfactory and brilliant is your Article (Publishing, Broadcasting, Collaboration).

    avatar Debs Balls says:

    Thanks for sharing this very informative article on 22 Methods That Really Work, especially using video to increase traffic.

    avatar Wedding Cars Hire Dublin says:

    I started using a blog a few months ago, and it has helped it is true what you say about “that you must publish to succeed online”. Thank you for sharing

    avatar AJ Munoz says:

    Dear Charlie,
    Many thanks for a very good summary of the things we can do to increase our traffic. As you see, we are always looking for every available information on how to get better traffic and articles like your’s are really helpful. Check our site I’ll give a review of your methods

    avatar Susana King says:

    Another good way for people to make their posts more interesting is to add funny pictures. I went to images on google and I found some cartoons to add on my posts and I added a funny caption on them. This way it gives people something to laugh about.

    avatar AJ Munoz says:

    Dear Charlie,
    Many thanks for a very good summary of the things we can do to increase our traffic. As you see, we are always looking for every available information on how to get better traffic and articles like your’s are really helpful. Check our site I’ll give a review of your methods

    avatar Chozo Ninpo says:

    For me it’s always been “Content content content”, and if you work with others you’ll always have more content, so yes, I fully agree with you on that!

    Good stuff! Here’s a tip for turning articles/blog posts into (Youtube videos): Copy your article into a Powerpoint presentation and save it as a video. Find a nice PP “theme” and make sure you add your links as well.

    You can also use the same PP presentation to make a PDF and submit it to for instance issuu. Make a regular PP and submit it to for instance slideshare.

    All thse sites can get you some targeted traffic to your sites.

    avatar Susana King says:

    Making YouTube videos was one of the best things I did for my website. The video About Me describes a lot on what I went through being deaf. And I included the links to my websites on the videos. The videos are on my blogs also at That is me in the video on the top post teaching sign language.

    avatar smoltag says:

    Very nice, well rounded article. I think there is something for everybody within this article that will be of use to them.
    I am particularly interested in the part that deals with turning your written posts into video.
    I definitely think that this is the way to proceed and the main way to increase traffic at the moment.

    avatar Paul says:

    Excellent post. There are actually more than 22 but you have provided us with some of the top free methods.

    I’ve used them myself and they do work. The only problem is that it does take time and patience. There is no one shot solution.

    avatar Susana King says:

    Yes there’s a lot more methods on gaining traffic. I had actually written a post on this on my word press blog at

    Hi there,

    Your articles very useful. I just give it a try. Nice, its working. Thanks for the tips.

    avatar Harman says:

    Thanks :]
    I think i need to be more frequent in publishing my content!

    avatar Lindsay says:

    We have used some of these methods and have seen traffic grow over time from it.
    Looking forward to implementing the rest and seeing how much we can make this grow.
    Thanks for the info.

    avatar Abdul Cholik says:

    Yes. I agree about BLISS. Sometimes I work (e.g writing article) without bliss. I will change my attitude in writing.

    Thank you for the useful tips.
    Warm regards

    avatar Susana King says:

    Another good way to get constant traffic is to make buttons for your blog, so that others can grab and paste it onto their website. I have three buttons on the bottom right side of my blog at Anyone can grab the code from one of my buttons there and paste it onto their website. That way they will get more traffic coming from my blog to theirs, more new visitors.

    avatar Nancy says:

    I use a program called tweeter adder which autopilot send tweets everyday. This is a great source for adding traffic to your site. It great because even when your not working online it does it automatic for you.

    avatar Ivette says:

    Great site! Thanks for posting these great tips. Another great way to drive traffic is using social media. I used Only wire. Every time I update an article it automatically adds it to all my social sites.

    avatar Susana King says:

    I also think commenting on other people’s blogs help. When people do that it brings people back to their blog to do the same.

    Hi Charlie, thanks for the great article!
    You ideas really give me some new thought. All the time I’ve been focusing on articles, now I guess it’s time to try something new, some other formats and resources, thanks again!

    Publishing can drive the majority of a site’s online traffic, especially if the marketer knows how to publish content in multiple channels that reach a lot of people.

    avatar MRW says:

    Thanks! This article will keep me motivated to improve my blogging!

    avatar Nayanna Chakrbarty says:

    Hello Charlie,

    Thanks for this honest insight. Many of us know bits and pieces of the information that you have provided but now the whole picture is clear. It is a tedious and time consuming task no doubt, but encouraging posts like yours gives the rest a push to get going with it.

    avatar tony says:

    good article, i have heard so much about converting to video, whats a good free or cheap software package to use for this?

    avatar John says:

    I’m curious I’ve been reading your articles and others but I am not sure if what I am selling is something worth blogging mush less dealing with twitter and facebook.

    I write my own sites and until that furry creature came along I was first page usually second or third on the page.

    What I do is pressure washing, window cleaning, and chandelier cleaning.

    To the best of my knowledge I have no back links, and definitely no twitter, facebook (no time)I am slowly getting back up.

    Where does blogging, face, and twit come in for me? Is it really worth my time to write exciting blogs and articles on how to clean a window, or pressure wash?

    avatar John says:

    Quick P.S I have gotten my site to the top of Google if a city is put in such as Ventura window cleaning, or washing, cleaners etc.

    It’s when someone just puts in window cleaning, cleaner, or pressure washing. As far as Bing and Yahoo are concerned I’m top on any kind of search for what I do. It’s Google that is driving me nuts. All Panda’s must die 🙂

    avatar Mark says:

    Great article. It just shows how many different things you can do to get more traffic, all of which are genuine and rely on you EARNING that traffic rather than buying it. Far more satisfying and helps to maintain the quality of your site.

    avatar daayur says:

    very good article. av learnt so much and i see need for changes on ma blog. thanks

    avatar TCC Sampit says:

    aritkel-article here that good. I am happy to read it.
    sorry, my bad english.

    My blog:

    Regards TCCSampit

    avatar Islacars says:

    Good post ever, wish you to write more of good info like above again and again.

    avatar rambabu says:

    thanks charlie for this very informative tips on how to get free traffic with your proven guide!

    Hi Charlie,

    I like your tip about choosing a strategy and master it. That’s what I did with SEO. I can’t say I’m a master at seo but I definitely know a thing or two about ranking in search engines which in my opinion generate the most targeted traffic.

    I also love creating videos and uploading them on Youtube. I do that whenever I’m writing a tutorial for using a software or a service. It’s great for affiliate sales too.

    But never thought about transcribing webinars. That sounds like an awesome idea and I might give it a try. Do you think I need the permission of the webinar’s host to do that and post it on my blog? That could also be a great link bait post, maybe I could get a link on the webinar page?Hmm…

    Have a great day Charlie, and thanks for sharing these strategies.Cheers.


    avatar John P says:

    Getting traffic is one of the biggest challenge for new web sites. There is so much competition out there. These tips will help build a foundation on where to start getting more traffic. Sometimes I wish it was easier, but in reality it does take a lot of time and effort.

    avatar Chris Ryan says:

    This article is just what I was looking for. I can read 100 articles about how to rank well and all the information is summed up right here. Thanks charlie

    avatar Nancy says:

    Growing traffic can be very challenging in the beginning of a new site. I really enjoy reading all the tips you guys mentioned. For majority of my traffic I always use Social Media as a platform to drive traffic. I personally create Fan page at Facebook. Any time I post a new article I will place a copy on my Facebook page.

    avatar Carl Davies says:

    At the end of the day, do you ever have time or money to work on you’re business.

    Yes, paid traffic methods are faster but not recommended when people are getting started.

    So, time is needed and that requires free traffic methods. There are many to pick from as you shared with us.

    Content marketing is my absolute favorite method.

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