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April 25, 2013

Virgin America May Become New Singles Club in the Sky Thanks to Seat-to-Seat Messaging System

Virgin America is sure to become the airline of choice for singles now that it is offering a way for passengers to pick up in the air.

So the next time you fly Virgin America and see a leggy blonde you are dying to talk to, don’t worry gentlemen, the airline’s in-flight entertainment system makes it easy for you to send the lovely lady a drink along with your compliments and/or suggestions via a seat-to-seat text message.

Ladies, if you spot a tall, dark and handsome man worth drooling over, you can now opt to send the hunk of your dreams a beer or even a meal along with a text message from the heart.

The airline’s digital seat map, accessed through its Red touch-screen entertainment system, allows passengers to find out where the person of interest is sitting and then use the menu to choose a drink, snack, meal or a combination of drink and food  to send to their potential love interest. The complimentary treat should then be followed up with a message sent via the plane’s seat-to-seat messaging system.

The features is available on all of Virgin America’s new planes.

Owner Sir Richard Branson recently introduced the new concept with a YouTube video dubbed ‘Sir Richard Branson’s Guide To Getting Lucky.’

After sending your in-the-air cutie a drink Branson suggests “sealing the deal with a suggestive seat-to-seat chat,” for example: ‘Your seat or mine?’

“I’m not a betting man, but I say your chances of deplaning with a plus-one are at least 50 percent,” he said. “Best of luck up there.”

While the idea is certainly original and may even appeal to some passengers, it could, potentially be the cause of some awkward moments.

What happens if a passenger sends a message to someone who is flying with their spouse or significant other, for instance, or if someone sends a glass of wine to a recovering alcoholic?

What is the recipient supposed to do if the attention is unwanted without hurting the giver’s feelings?

Surely the system is more a recipe for disaster than a formula for meeting Mr. or Miss Right.