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June 5, 2013

Google Gives Boost to DoubleClick Display Ad Platform

Google is giving its DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform a little extra kick.

A new DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) and taking DoubleClick social will help businesses build more and better connections, says display ad vice-president Neal Mohan, who unveiled the changes during Google’s annual thinkDoubleClick event.

The new DFA, which has been dubbed DoubleClick Campaign Manager, is “the biggest upgrade to our core ad server in the 15 years since its inception,” Mohan said in a blog post. “DoubleClick Campaign Manager completely re-imagines the ad management and ad serving process.”

DoubleClick Campaign Manager is rolling out to advertisers worldwide in the coming months.

Google is also integrating Wildfire — a social media brand management platform acquired by the search engine giant last year — into the DoubleClick platform.

“Now, marketers can address a critical part of the customer journey, and do it alongside search, display, rich media, video and mobile as part of the broader DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform,” Mohan said.

The changes don’t stop there.

Google also announced support for native ad formats in DoubleClick.

The platform enables marketers to better connect with readers via content or native ads on the publisher’s site. Brands are expected to follow strict guidelines — for instance the content must flow naturally on the page and it must be labeled as ad content.

Google will also debut a free HTML5 development tool designed for “creative professionals.” Dubbed Google Web Designer, it will be “seamlessly integrated” with DoubleClick Studio and AdMob, in a bid to simplify the process of building HTML5 ads that can be served through Google platforms.

The tool will roll out in the coming months.