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August 16, 2013

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Wristwatch Device to Debut in September

Just a few weeks after a patent was leaked online, the rumors have been confirmed: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is set to be unveiled in less than a month.

Several reports circulating around the Internet says sources in the know about Samsung’s plans claim the wristwatch Smartphone device will be released in early September.

Samsung’s plans to launch the watch in just a few weeks beats its competitor Apple to the punch. Apple is said to also be developing a wristwatch device, but the company hasn’t released any information about its release or development. Rumours floating around the Internet speculate consumers may not see anything from Apple until next year.

The Galaxy Gear will be able to access the Internet and send and receive phone calls, messages and e-mails, according to the patent. Early drawings of the device showed a wristband that incorporates a curved touch screen.

While wearable devices seem to be the newest trend in Smartphone technology, it questionable if there’s even a market for a wristwatch computer.

“The problem, inherently with any type of smart phone wrist watch is that manufacturers are taping into a non existent market. The risk is that people wont use or more importantly, buy the devices, so it comes with a lot of risk,” says a report on Daily Gadgetry.

However, says Bloomberg, Samsung invested nearly $11 billion into ads last year convincing consumers they needed to purchase Samsung’s products – and its Gear device will be no different.

Samsung’s success with the product hinges on its usefulness, Bloomberg believes.

“Tech companies argue that people would gladly pay for a device that keeps them from having to pull their phones out for every little thing, but it’s unclear which features Samsung will be able to include on a watch,” says the report. “Galaxy Gear, according to the Bloomberg News report, is going to run a version of Android, but how apps will work on the new device is a mystery.”

Consumers will have to wait and see what exactly Samsung’s newest device offers until Sept. 4, when the Korea-based company is slated to host a press conference in Berlin, Germany.



2 Responses to “Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Wristwatch Device to Debut in September

    When Bloomberg predicts that a Galaxy Gear smart watch will be “a wearable device running Android that will make phone calls, surf the Web and handle e-mails” it is less than satisfying. Predicting how it does all of that (how well and in what form factor) would distinguish Bloomberg’s and its sources from everyone else. The Motoactv does all of this (to some degree) and a whole lot more. I hope that MotoGoogle listens to you, Kevin (as did Apple on the iPad Mini), when you’ve suggested elsewhere that they slim the device, increase the battery life, improve the website, and/or allow better integration with Runkeeper — that would be a smart watch worth buying in 2013!

    avatar Merawat Wajah says:

    advances in technology is limitless and that is the hope for many people. If google google telang make glass, samsung galaxy comes with gear. Let’s wait how Nokia, blakberry will make a new breakthrough.

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