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August 28, 2013

Google Helpouts: A Virtual Marketplace Coming Soon!

In July, Google shared that it was working on a new tool called Helpouts, which will serve as a sort of virtual marketplace where every type of business can sell their services through live video. This type of tool is exciting for business-owners, since it could create dozens of new ways to connect with customers.

The idea of selling products or services over live video may be appealing and exciting to some, but if your business belongs to a unique niche or you don’t think “real-time commerce” is for you, Helpouts will still offer a variety of other capabilities that can benefit you. Google wants the Helpouts to also serve as a place for experts to share their knowledge to help viewers learn.

With the popularity of e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay, it’s not a surprise that Google would want to take a stab at their own online marketplace. However, the main, and most promising, difference will be Google’s use of their cloud services to offer live commerce in real-time.

It’s not expected for Google to publicly release the Helpouts tool for at least a month, but Google says it’s “currently inviting people with expertise across a number of topics to be able to offer Helpouts when we go live – and to make money sharing their skills and knowledge with the world.”

The service is available through invite only right now, but it’s the perfect time to check out the welcome page and decide if your business can benefit when Helpouts is launched!

What Exactly Is It?

The Helpouts tool will be broken into categories, such as “Computers,” “Education,” “Food,” “Health,” “Repair” and more. Google’s interface shows a section called “Give your own Helpouts,” which will be where you can create a Helpout for your customers.

Throughout each category, businesses and merchants will be able to connect to their customers through live video at any time, as well as on a scheduled basis. The services you can offer via Helpouts is almost limitless – it seems like the Helpouts platform will offer anything from mentoring programs to fashion guides to small lessons.

Sellers and companies will be able to create their own profiles, and there will be other features such as scheduling and payment capabilities. This may be Google’s way of integrating their own virtual payment service,Google Wallet, the Google alternative to PayPal.

The layout of the categories will also make the search and discovery process extremely efficient for consumers looking to find a business or service. Consequently, Helpouts will likely become a new marketing platform all businesses with online presences will need to be aware of – especially if customers will be using the platform to search.

Get Invited!

Even though Google hasn’t publicly launched its Helpouts platform yet, you can still visit the homepage and express your interest. By sharing your email address, Google will be able to provide you with news on when Helpouts will become live and information if you would like to offer your own Helpouts.

It’s been reported that Google has already partnered with major brands for internal testing – brands such as Sears and Weight Watchers. When the platform launches, these brands will most likely be the first to offer free and paid services to viewers through the Helpouts tool.

Background Screenings

One of the major categories offered in Helpouts will be “Health.” Because of this, Google is taking precautions to ensure that healthcare professionals who sign up for Helpouts are legitimate, safe resources for consumers. After all, they’ll be able to offer advice and knowledge via the Helpouts that will affect viewers’ health.

To do this, Google appears to be working with a background screening service called HireRight to screen professionals and verify their legitimacy.

How Should You Use It?

If you decide to create a Helpouts account when it’s launched, you’ll be able to connect with your customers in a variety of ways! You can be creative with the fact that you’ll have live, real-time capabilities, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Help your customers immediately when they have questions. You can create Helpouts that could serve as Q&A forums for your viewers. Consumers are used to either visiting a website and scrolling through text or calling customer service lines and waiting on hold if they want an answer.Since Google Helpouts will be live, you’ll be able to have a place for your customers to come any time they have a question. It’ll be a way for them to receive help quickly! This will allow you to build stronger relationships with customers, because live video will make the process more efficient for them.
  • Do live presentations. Whether you want to have a live cooking show or a live demonstration about your new water pump product, live videos will be exciting ways for your customers to learn more about your business, products and services.Helpouts will also allow you to sell your products in better ways, because the live nature of the platform makes it exciting and engaging for viewers.
  • Customer service can be more personal. If you’re answering questions about your product or helping a customer fix a problem they’re having with it, the live Google Helpouts can allow you to be more attentive to their needs.You’ll be able to guarantee they receive a personalized answer to their question or problem, which will help you gain referrals and, above all, a happy customer base.

No matter how you decide to use Google Helpouts, they offer promising ways for you to connect with your consumers. Keep your eyes peeled for more news once the platform is officially released!

Adrienne Erin is a freelance writer and aspiring novelist who writes about social media and online marketing. She works with a number of businesses looking to expand their marketing efforts, such as Cliffside Industries Kitchen Hardware Collection, which hopes to use the service to advertise their products.

25 Responses to “Google Helpouts: A Virtual Marketplace Coming Soon!

    avatar seo company in delhi says:

    Now, Google wants to takeover e-commerce business also from e-commerce site. Then What would be the future of amazon and ebay or other e-commerce site?

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    avatar azeem uddin says:

    Informative article ! I am waiting and want to use this service.


    I do not know Google launched the virtual market will bring about what kind of impact.

    avatar Shenzhen Lead Opto-Technology Co. Ltd says:

    This seems like a very good business promotion channels!

    avatar Ledstar Lighting Co., Ltd says:

    I do not know that for businesses will be a high operating cost things do?

    avatar Greg Brown says:

    This will be A great tool guaranteed, I just hope They don’t price it sky high…

    avatar Pramod says:

    Greedy Google. they are tying to take over all the section on online business. Why they are came up with so many products. I think Greedy google having the record in online in term of the number of failed projects.

    avatar Carthage says:

    This seems like really exciting news. Google have done a lot to make business more viable for small and medium size businesses, allowing them to compete with the big boys. This could take that a step further.

    avatar BlokeToys says:

    I have to completely disagree with you on your statement.

    Google has done nothing to support small businesses, we are priced out of advertising, the biggest corporations are promoted above us all, Google has allowed the largest corporations in almost all fields to corner the market.

    If anything, Google has done more to destroy small business and send our rightful traffic to the largest corporations.

    avatar seo company in Delhi says:

    Blok Toys I am completely with you, because it not for supporting, it only for acquiring their business and pushing them out. Google wants be a big fish in every market.

    avatar Tanya says:

    Hmmm….more Google domination but, as Carthage says, it should empower the smaller businesses. Let’s hope so.

    avatar BlokeToys says:

    What a ridiculous idea.
    People generally don’t have the time to stop whatever they are doing to chat to customers. In addition to that, the sales resulting from such interaction make it completely uneconomical.

    If you’re a seller, you’ll likely know that a vast majority of all customer inquiries do not result in a sale, depending on your business. There are a lot of people out there who delight in wasting time. It’s a sad fact, but it’s true.

    People do not have the time to waste on responding by live video to potentially hundreds of pointless customer questions every day, being tied up in video calls when they could answer 50 emails in half an hour, and respond succinctly and appropriately according to their own time needs.

    As for people offering advice as a service (who else is picturing Lisa Kudrow of Web Therapy?), any business professional likely to be providing such will be doing so using their own secure services on their own site.

    People offering advice or educational videos can already do so on YouTube, with greater control and security.

    There is nothing positive that this service can offer, that’s not already out there and being don far more effectively, in my opinion.

    avatar Crystal Dobrev says:

    I don’t predict but must say whenever Google launches something it’s a good and useful item or tool etc. I thing this one will also be good.

    It is great new tool. Before I read your post I was completely unaware about “helpout”. I hope it will help increase our online business, but I am afraid that if it is complicated then it will not be helpful. Just as Google’s “keywords planner” is not as helpful and easy as “Google Keyword Tools” was. However, it is nice way to enhance any business and to reach exact customers.

    avatar Felix says:

    I can see a lot of possibilities here. This will change the way we do a lot of things. There will be lots of potential here; people will be able to ask live specific questions instead of going on YouTube to watch a related video.

    avatar Nag says:

    Google wants to try all the areas with the back up of its users, lets see how G users take it. But most of the small and medium level eCommerce sites will get a stir.

    People do not have enough time to waste on replying by live movie to potentially hundreds of useless customer questions every day, being tied up in movie calls when they could answer 50 e-mails in 30 minutes, and react succinctly and properly according to their own time needs. Now Google wants to takeover e-commerce business also from e-commerce websites. Then What would be the future of amazon and auction web sites or other e-commerce site

    Google`s Helpouts virtual marketplace coming soon? – Why not! – I am excited about it…

    Anxious to check this out. I am a huge fan of most everything Google.

    avatar Kevin Ashwe says:

    Google is so creative. They are always innovating and creating. Lets see how this new google child will do.

    avatar James radford says:

    Im game where can i sign up

    avatar Ferry says:

    Hopefully, a new tool from Google this will help the bloggers in the services it offers

    avatar SEO company in India says:

    Then it will be more flexible for user. Google will provide best results for e-commerce product search query.

    Will this virtual market place be different from Google shopping?

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