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October 8, 2013

Graph Search Recruiter Makes It Easy to Find Talent on Facebook

It is now easier than ever to find the perfect job candidate on Facebook, thanks to a new Graph Search add-on.

Graph Search Recruiter, a new tool from social-recruiting firm Work4, leverages the social network’s Graph Search to give recruiters the chance to source talent from Facebook’s 1.1 billion-strong membership.

“Facebook Graph Search is a revolutionary tool in and of itself,” Work4 CEO Stéphane Le Viet says in a press release.

“But we saw the need for recruiters to be able to quickly and easily access the millions of potential candidates and sort through the data efficiently. While LinkedIn gives recruiters access to search about 25 percent of the market, Facebook gives recruiters access to everyone, everywhere.”

The recruiter dashboard, launched Monday, allows companies to sync their career sites to Facebook’s network. The tool — using a Graph Search-like algorithm — finds potential candidates based on occupation and location.

“Graph Search Recruiter gives you a way to source talent for your job postings on Facebook with a click of a button,” Le Viet says in a blog post.   “Need software engineers in San Francisco? Simply click a button, and Graph Search Recruiter will search Facebook for you — and instantly show you a list of your potential candidates, who you can message for a fraction of the cost of LinkedIn.”

Users of Work4 can keep tabs on candidates they have contacted, those who have applied to one of their jobs as well as receive suggestions for potential candidates. Graph Search Recruiter also means companies will have to shell out less money for recruiting.

“Graph Search Recruiter will be a game changer for the social recruiting industry, because it puts the largest passive talent pool in the world–Facebook–directly at recruiters’ fingertips,” said Le Viet. “With Graph Search Recruiter, for the first time everyone in the world becomes a potential candidate, saving recruiters time and money while making sourcing for the right fit easier than ever before.”


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.