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October 17, 2013

8 Quick Content Ideas to Inspire Your Business Blog

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Fresh, engaging content is constantly stressed as one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing. It’s great to have a blog for your business, but you’ll only reap the benefits if you post frequently and post new ideas. Nobody will want to look at your blog if you don’t update or if you’re writing the same things as everyone else.

Coming up with content ideas for your business blog can be difficult and tiring, but it doesn’t have to be. TopRank created a BigList of the best search marketing business blogs, and looking at these blogs can give you some inspiration for content for your own blog. It’s important to focus on presenting or repurposing content in new ways that are exciting and engaging for readers.

After scanning through the list, I found a few of my favorite examples that can help you break down how to create interesting content for your business blog:

1. Write a weekly roundup post. There are multiple ways to do this, but it’s a valuable way to add a modern element to your business blog through sharing weekly industry news. You can choose to break the post into chunks, and discuss the top industry news of the week in each one. Or you can link to your favorite articles that were written throughout the week, which can help boost your connections with others in the industry.

2. Expand on your comments. If you’re struggling for blog post ideas, look no further than your own blog comments! If you’re prone to leaving meaningful comments on news sites and other blogs in the industry – which is a great way to boost your visibility – scroll back through these comments. You’re more than likely to find brilliant ways to expand those comments into full-blown blog posts – and once you’ve written the post, you can then link to it in the comment section.

3. Fix your readers’ problems. While this type of post is similar to an FAQ post, it gives you a chance to go a little deeper and address broad problems your consumers might be facing in the industry. For example, this post addresses four SEO nightmares and comes up with solutions for readers. The author is relevantly addressing common problems the audience might deal with on a daily basis. This type of post will help you frame yourself as a valuable source in your industry and a place readers will want to continually turn to for knowledge.

4. Collect tweets. If you’ve already written and published a lot of factual, in-depth posts on your business blog, why don’t you try including an opinion piece? This will freshen up the types of posts from your business, making it easier for your audience to connect. Try compiling a list of opinions on a certain issue – by listing or taking screenshots of tweets regarding the particular issue, you’ll provide your readers with access to the bigger picture of what others are saying. This will also show that you’re paying attention to social platforms.

5. Make a how-to video. Every consumer wants to read about inventive ways to use your products. If you want to write a how-to post, break it into steps and make it visually clear for readers. However, video can make the how-to come to life for your customers. If you’re an SEO company, you can film a user’s Google search process, adding color, thought bubbles or screencasts to show the importance of page rank in a fresh way. Try using Vine or Instagram, so you can connect with social platforms and make your post more interesting.

6. Hold interviews. Interviews, whether you present them in a video or transcribe them into words, will allow readers to learn about other angles to your industry. For instance, you can try interviewing one of your employees to give a behind-the-scenes view of your business. You can also interview a fellow industry leader and start a back-and-forth discussion. Either way, interviews can give your readers a wide array of insights and viewpoints.

7. Host a webinar. If you want to create a post that gives readers facts and breaks down a serious topic of discussion, try developing a webinar. This webinar discusses common SEO myths, while holding point-counterpoint discussions. Webinars are an effective way to let readers see all sides of an issue, so they can form their own opinions – and hopefully share them with you by commenting on your blog post!

8. Answer questions. An FAQ post is a common idea, and while you can easily get questions from your customers or by talking to your sales staff, try looking at a site like Quora to help you learn about what people are asking on social platforms. Then, compile the questions and answer them in a blog post. This shows you’re paying attention to what’s happening throughout social channels, and you’re creating content that is focused on the current questions and concerns of your audience.

Visual elements, such as video or infographics, are always quick and simple ways to make your business blog more exciting. Don’t be afraid to look at what other blogs are doing to attract readers or lists like the one TopRank created. And do whatever you can to create posts that address a real, current issue among your readers. Posts like this will help you achieve the best response.

What are your unique content ideas for your business blog?


Adrienne Erin is an internet marketing writer who loves helping businesses like SpanTran Transcripts Evaluation succeed.