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October 21, 2013

Microsoft Pulls Windows 8.1 Update to Fix a Few Bugs

Microsoft was forced to pull its Windows 8.1 update today after reports it was causing problems for Surface RT users.

The latest update was reportedly causing some of the devices to malfunction and not boot up properly, according to a BBC news article.

Other users said the 8.1 update for Internet Explorer was causing issues in Outlook and with some Google services. Users trying to perform a Google search saw their search results squished against the left side of their screen.

As a result, Microsoft yanked the update and are working on the issue.

The global release of 8.1 was last Thursday, October 17. The updated version was aimed at appeasing consumers who were unhappy with the tile design of Windows 8 and looking for their beloved start button. The signature start button was nixed with the release of Windows 8 in favour of a tablet and touch screen friendly layout.

The changes in 8.1 include an option to boot to desktop and have a start button, allows for keyboard shortcuts and gesture control, gives four different sizing options for tiles and more.

On its support forum, the company explained it was “investigating a situation affecting a limited number of users,” and said it was working on a solution.


Megan Abraham is a staff writer for SiteProNews.