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November 29, 2013

Three Powerful Methods Getting Customers to Open and Read E-mail

There are 1,001 ways in which you can improve your online sales. Traditional marketing, search engine optimization and social media optimization can help you drive visitors to your website. But, even amongst all these new methods, e-mail marketing is thriving. Why? Because it is still effective. Except when it is not.

Your e-mail marketing campaign is not effective if most users don’t care to open your e-mail. While it is important to write good copy that persuades users to visit your online store and take a specific action, first you need to find of way of getting them to open your e-mail.

And it is not easy because most people are buried under a mountain of useless, spammy e-mails that they do not need. Most such emails are from people who want to sell stuff. Now, you are sending a similar e-mail. So, just how do you stand apart from the mob and convince the customer to open your e-mail? Here are some tips and techniques that will help you:

Personalize the Subject Line 

One of the best ways a user can determine if mail is worth reading is by glancing at the subject line. A user may be looking at a list of 20-30 unread e=mails. A subject line that has her name in it will capture her attention and may be spared from getting deleted. However, a large number of businesses around the world are using this technique and users are a little wary of such e-mails.

But research suggests that a personalized e-mail subject line is more successful than an impersonal e-mail when it comes to open rates. While simply using the name of the user can be a big help, it is not enough. You must craft a powerful subject line that will appeal the interests and personality of the users. This means that the same kind of e-mail for all users may not be as effective as eCommerce stores would like.

Segment Users and Testing Subject Lines

eCommerce stores collect important data regarding customer behavior, and this data can be used to segment users automatically. You can segment the users on the basis of several factors: customer interests, buying frequency, browsing devices, etc. A thorough analysis of consumer behavior on your website will help you divide customers in broad but specific groups. All the different users within a specific segment may have a common interest. By creating subject lines that can appeal to all the users in a specific segment, you can reap rich rewards.

However, even within segments, it is best to prepare separate subject lines and test them. By sending the e-mail with different subject lines to different users in the same segment, you can check the data on e-mail opening rates to get an idea of what kind of subject lines work the best.

Engage or Bid Adieu to Inactive Subscribers 

One of the biggest reasons your e-mails are not being opened by users is they are not reaching them. There is a good chance that your smartly-crafted, sales-oriented e-mails are being dumped into the ‘Spam’ folder. One of the reasons for this is that e-mail providers like Google and Yahoo monitor how users interact with your e-mails. If a large portion of your readers delete your e-mails without reading, the spam filters may automatically send your email to the ‘Spam’ folder.

Companies that have too many inactive users face this problem a lot. By running a re-engagement campaign, you can try to convince your inactive users to respond. There are many ways in which creative marketing campaigns can help you win back subscribers. After all, these people signed up for your e-mails in the first place because they liked what you were offering.

In case of eCommerce stores, a customer may lose interest after she gets the product she wants. But friendly and well-crafted e-mails offering discounts and highlighting similar products can succeed in grabbing the attention of the inactive user.

In addition to getting a few more active users, this will also help you identify users that have been inactive for too long. You can remove such users from the mailing list. This will definitely increase the proportion of users opening your e-mail which, in turn, will ensure that you e-mails are not automatically sent to the ‘Spam’ folder.

Wrapping up

E-mail marketing is powerful. Ideally, it should drive huge amounts of valuable traffic to your eCommerce store. If your e-mail marketing campaigns are not helping you drive valuable traffic and improve sales, there is a good chance that it can be improved. We hope that the tips and ideas in this article will help you achieve better results from your e-mail marketing efforts.


Kinjal Adeshara is working as a digital marketer and blogger with five years of experience. She is working with Cygnet Infotech an eCommerce development company specializing in building business apps and websites. She is always happy to share her passion for eCommerce and mobile technologies. Follow Kinjal on Twitter @adeshara_kinjal or connect with her on Google+