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December 3, 2013

Facebook to Give Breaking News More Prominence in News Feed

Facebook image

Facebook is revamping its ranking system to bring more breaking news to users’ news feeds.

And while all users will see more “high quality” news content in their news feeds, it will be most noticeable to mobile users.

Facebook image

Facebook image

“Today’s update to News Feed ranking recognizes that people want to see more relevant news and what their friends have to say about it,” reads a blog post by Facebook engineering manager Varun Kacholia and software engineer Minwen Ji.

“We’ve noticed that people enjoy seeing articles on Facebook, and so we’re now paying closer attention to what makes for high quality content, and how often articles are clicked on from News Feed on mobile. What this means is that you may start to notice links to articles a little more often (particularly on mobile).”

There will be some news feed casualties to make room for news updates, the post admits, adding meme photos will be the first thing to go to make room for better quality content.

In an attempt to cater to members’ interests, Facebook will show its users up to three related articles directly below the news feed post.

The social network will also update its bumping feature to highlight stories users have already read so they can see new comments.

“After people read a story, they are unlikely to go back and find that story again to see what their friends were saying about it, and it wouldn’t bump up in news feed,” the post reads. “With this update stories will occasionally resurface that have new comments from friends.

“Our testing has shown that doing this in moderation for just a small number of stories can lead to more conversations between people and their friends on all types of content.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.