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December 23, 2013

Rethinking Your SEO Strategies for 2014

With the end of 2013 coming up a little more quickly than perhaps we’d like, it’s time to start thinking about our resolutions for next year. The top of the list might be working off those extra Holiday pounds, but if you’re an online marketer, an equally important priority will be revisiting your SEO techniques in 2014.

Search Engine Optimization really is an ongoing process. While the coming and going of the years might bring in subtle changes, most of the skills you’ve accumulated this year will translate fairly well into the next. Stick with us here for a look at some important resolutions you’ll want to commit to for another successful year of online marketing.

Resolve to Learn Something New

The start of a new year might be just the kick in the pants you need to look at your skill set a little more objectively. While you may be perfectly competent and comfortable with your current success rate, web marketing remains a fickle mistress. There’s always a new trick to learn.

Case in point: Google. The big news in SEO in the second half of 2013 was Google’s new “Hummingbird” algorithm. Now that we’re living in an increasingly mobile-first world, Google stepped up its game and introduced new techniques to factor in the increasing number of mobile searches being performed.

In other words, there are new tricks for marketers to learn in the coming year and beyond. Hummingbird is taking into account the fact that more searches than ever are being dictated in the form of a question; as a result, subtle tweaks will need to be made to future content.

Due in no small part to Google’s influence, 2013 has been called the year of mobile search. More accurately, there will be multiple “years of mobile search,” and we’re right in the middle of them.

Resolve to Increase Your Conversions

This is what it’s all about, right? If you’ve found your conversions lagging this year, 2014 is the perfect opportunity to revisit your conversion process. You might think the biggest driver of conversions is increasing organic search traffic, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Quite frankly, the problem might be one that happens after visitors have already made it to your site.

That’s where Analytics comes in. Whether you’re using Google Analytics or something similar, resolve in 2014 to really dig into the details to see what might be getting in the way of your website conversions. Take a look at the keywords that are driving the most conversions, as well as which pages have been most successful.

When it comes to eCommerce websites, there are a number of unique problems that can arise. For example: an online retailer might be struggling with cart abandonment. If this describes you, make a resolution to get to the bottom of it. Revisit your checkout process and iron out potential frustrations like compulsory site registration or unclear pricing.

Resolve to Love Social Media

2013 may have been the year of mobile search, but it was also the year of Pinterest. Throughout the past year, Pinterest has grown significantly, boasting huge gains throughout the year and launching in new countries.

In the third quarter of 2013, Pinterest grew by a stunning 19.22%, while Facebook posted a gain of 14.78% and Twitter actually fell by nearly 8%. While this is certainly indicative of the familiar cycle of social media platforms rising and then falling out of favor, it’s still proof positive that marketers need to have their ear to the ground in 2014 and beyond. Staying on top of social trends will reveal new opportunities for growth.

That’s not to say that now-familiar social sites like Facebook and Twitter should be neglected. Twitter continues to evolve, as seen in the new scheduling tool and ads retargeting. It has created new opportunities for brands to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Meanwhile, Pinterest will follow in the footsteps of Twitter’s promoted tweets by taking its first step toward monetizing its services. According to Ben Silbermann, CEO of Pinterest, the site is going to be experimenting with promoted pins as they move forward into the new year.

The short version of this is that, as a marketer, it’s going to be important to remember that social media is here to stay, offering new challenges and opportunities all the while.

Resolve to Provide Higher Quality Content

It might actually be pass茅 by now to echo Google’s mantra of “content is king.” No matter how self-evident it might be, though, it’s still easy to forget sometimes. As a marketer, chances are good you’ve made use of guest blog posts from time to time, or you might even do so regularly. This is a great practice in moderation, but it can be easy to let sub-standard guest posts through the gates from time to time.

Link building is not to be taken lightly. If guest posts are a staple of your web campaigns, resolve in 2014 to hold yourself to a higher standard by being pickier when it comes to lousy guests posts.

Providing quality content to your visitors is also going to require a better attention to detail when it comes to understanding the needs of different types of customers.

For example: not everybody will be visiting your blog or website from a desktop. As a result, your conversion rate might suffer among mobile users if your site takes too long to load.

The phrase “responsive web design” will continue to be heard throughout 2014, and one of the tenets of its design philosophy is to provide an optimal experience to everybody, no matter their platform of choice.

Closing Thoughts

2014 is going to be a big year for marketers. Let’s welcome it by echoing our first resolution: don’t forget to learn something new. We face learning curves all the time in our personal and professional lives. Besting them and coming out the other side will prove not only that our campaigns will continue to thrive, but that they deserve to do so.


Adrienne Erin is a blogger and freelance writer who is always looking for new ways to help businesses like Snyder's Amish Made Furniture be successful in the new year.

31 Responses to “Rethinking Your SEO Strategies for 2014

    Yes you are right, there is time to review the SEO strategy as well as whole website and other marketing methods because we are going to enter in new year and everyone wants to get good business in new year so there is more need to fix the problems in website as well as in marketing methods. In this scenario your shared information is very helpful and effective to understand the importance of new strategy.

    avatar RJ Joshan says:

    Nice post. Really looking forward to 2014. Hope it will be busy year for everyone.

    avatar Ferry says:

    I rarely use pinterest to social media sites.
    and of course good quality content and high indeed need to be improved in order to get more visitors from organic search engines.
    Thank you have a lot of knowledge about the various SEO for 2014 that will soon be coming

    avatar babar says:

    Stuart, quality should be the prime priority. Doing so will help survive algorithm updates by Google 馃檪

    avatar RizwanMughal says:

    Hi Ferry, this article outlines an awesome strategy for SEO. I’m not an expert in SEO, but I have a little knowledge. Still learning from blogging and forums sources. as Matt Cutts says quality content is king, and I always follow matt cutts for getting knowledge for search engine optimization…

    avatar MMD says:

    My strategy for 2014 will simply remain the same: Use good basic SEO, don’t over-optimize, and be sure to have a good mixture of links scattered throughout the web.

    avatar Sales Copy Solutions says:

    Good article.
    There are a few changing trends to pay attention to in 2014, and as you mention social media in a content marketing sense, I thought I would add to that by saying that animated content is about to make it really big.

    With the increase in video use to promote products and services, and the birth of Vine, this is set to grow in 2014 with increased use of gif images to create vine-like promotional images.

    Social media is a big part of that, with “feel good” content likely to be a focus for encouraging clicks through to your more in-depth content.

    avatar Thomas says:

    Excellent article! Google has finally started to enforce what they have said for years. Content is king and the better content you create the better it will rank. Days of poor and automated link building is gone… And that is a great thing for the content and SEO marketer. You are very correct about Pinterest and social media in general is here to stay. Another important aspect is video marketing and interaction with consumers through comments. Companies that want to stay on or get on the first page will have to dabble in all these areas.

    avatar Azhar Iqbal says:

    I like your writing.. You summarized 2013 and predicted the 2014 in a fabulous way.

    avatar SEOjedi says:

    Yes misters, the qualitative content also will be to you happiness! ! ! With nastupayuchy Christmas and New year! ! ! !

    Google now owns Youtube and so I concentrate more on those social sites including Google+….seems to work pretty well for me. Of course I have plenty of content, internal links, and backlinks.

    avatar Kevin says:

    Importance in the use of basic SEO is simply a good path to follow. Of course, creating content will always be something every webmaster should concentrate on. The plus side is creating content that helps users and provides value.
    Thanks for the great advice,


    Mobile platform searchers indeed an aspect we should look into seriously nowadays. Our website visitors has increased moderately after we converted the website into mobile friendly responsive design.

    avatar AK says:

    Your post is a call to action and a summary of what is required to keep a pace with the internet world. For anyone to really keep a pace with what the ecommerce world is ready to give in 2014, content creation is king. Also a good attention should be paid to ever busy social media sites. With what you have revealed about Pinterest, many will surely embrace it services along with other social media site giants. Finally if you watch the moves and steps of successful people continuous learning is really part of their daily routine, so one should take a much delight in learning new things in other to have a library of information for success in 2014.

    avatar Ritesh Reet says:

    Love the article. . It is highly recommended to use original content as Google has grown very particular about it.

    SMO will also play a major role. lets see the new SEO challenges in upcoming year.

    Thank you for this great article. Nice summary of 2013 and great things to take into account for 2014.

    We marketers and web specialists will need to completely focus and adapt to all the mobile needs. As in 2013 clients seemed to be more aware about SEO and online marketing, in 2014 there will be much higher awareness about mobile content and responsive design. Let’s not disappoint them! 馃榾

    (SEO Specialist in The Netherlands)

    avatar george iov says:

    I think, in 2014 website owners will collect the fruits of their strategies in 2013. The most important will be to learn and to apply the coming web changes.

    avatar Ty Whalin says:

    One of my goals for 2014 is to provide a stable responsive design for all my clients and the business website. Some features in Social Media have gained some significance and has prompted more social testing. It should be another strong year for the company.

    avatar Sanjay says:

    Truly said and I am completely agree with you that we have to focus on 2014 and don’t need to repeat mistakes that we have done in of 2013. In this industry we have to learn and update ourselves on daily basis. Thanks for the really nice post.

    avatar Yogesh says:

    nice article, we have to keep focus on our website…

    avatar Seovoluci贸n says:

    quality content is what you need to keep in mind.

    Simply a great and really informative contribution towards SEO. SEO in 2014 will be really interesting as past few years back after the introduction of new Google algorithms it has been made that Content is King. And too hummingbird is on it’s flight.

    So it would be really interesting yet a fun journey in 2014. Well, once again thanks for the great article.

    avatar George says:

    The year ahead is for the mobile devices and web sites needs to factor this.

    Revisiting my new years resolutions over the weekend (its a month on from Oriental Orthodox NYE)and this post inspired be to revise my goals, great work.

    avatar Himanshu Dixit says:

    in a video matt cutts told now there will be some major changes , so we might have to change SEO strategies accordingly

    well first when i googled i dint get the right post but after sometime in incognito got this wonderful post and got some loads of traffic to my new post

    avatar Akash says:

    a great and really informative contribution towards SEO. It mostly informative for those attend mistakes in google algorithems.

    avatar Nitin says:

    There is so much in seo in current and upcoming year mainly seo word exist because of the giant i.e. google and there is much more on the way

    avatar Sneha says:

    Hey.. Some features in Social Media have gained some importance and have prompted more social testing. Also attention should be paid to ever busy social media sites. With what you have revealed about Pinterest, many will surely embrace its services along with other social media site giants. Companies that want to stay on or get on the first page will have to dabble in all these areas. 馃檪

    avatar shareit says:

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    Hi! I鈥檝e been reading your weblog for a long time now and finally got
    the courage to go ahead annd give you a shout out from Dallas Texas!
    Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!

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