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January 24, 2014

Twitter Cards Analytics Allows Users To Gauge Effectiveness

Users Will Be Able To Track How Cards Are Working

Those wondering just how effective — or ineffective — their time on Twitter may be won’t have to wonder any longer.

Similar to the Google Analytics tool, Twitter announced Thursday it is rolling out analytics for Twitter Cards, enabling users to track how their Cards are working. According to the posting on the Twitter blog by analytics product manager Buster Benson, this is “the first time you can gain insight into how your content is performing on Twitter, and find personalized tips to help make more strategic decisions about your use of Cards.”

Twitter cards — which allow users to attach media experiences to tweets — are regularly used by the social network members looking to add pictures, videos, content previews and more to their tweets.

“Through personalized data and best practices, Twitter Card analytics reveals how you can improve key metrics such as URL clicks, app install attempts and Retweets,” states a section on Twitter’s blog page.

Essentially, it’s a new tracking tool to allow users to get a better understanding of who is seeing their Tweets, how they’re being shared and what type of impact they are having on the network. It’s giving users a chance to look behind the curtain to see if what they’re doing is working.

“Along the way, you’ll get insights on how to do even better,” Benson wrote in Thursday’s blog entry. “Small changes — using a different Twitter Card, conversing more with the followers who love your content, or installing or changing the location of a Tweet button — can make a big difference.”

All Card users and advertisers will be given access to the new dashboard over the next few days.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.