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March 14, 2014

Pinterest’s New Gifts Feed Targets Shoppers

Pinterest has a new feed for all of you shopping enthusiasts out there.

The virtual pin-up board has launched a new Gifts feed featuring items available for purchase.

Pinterest's new Gifts feed.

Pinterest’s new Gifts feed.

The feed, which Pinterest’s Kevin Knight describes in a blog post as a “work-in-progress,” can be found amongst the site’s regular categories. What makes the Gifts feed special, he says, is it features only Product Pins.

“Product Pins show extra details like pricing, availability and where to buy right on the Pin so Pinners can decide which products are right for them,” he says.

“So far, we’ve learned that Product Pins get higher click-through rates than regular Pins and make your brand more visible because of the logo on the Pin.  Pinners also get email notifications when Product Pins they’ve saved drop in price.”

The Gifts feed is enhanced with price filters as well, making it easier for you to find items that match your budget.

For instance, $$$$ means the price is greater than $200, $$$ indicates a $50-$200 price, $$ signifies a $25 to $50 price range and $ is for items that cost less than $25.

Retailers who would like their products to appear in the Gifts feed need to apply for Rich Pins. Directions can be found on the developers site.