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April 22, 2014

The Five Most Used jQuery UI Alternatives

Kendo UIDojo

UI widgets are designed to perform specific tasks. Their unique design allows them to be more efficient than plugins with random functions. UI alternatives that replace jQuery plugins are able to work well with one another, unlike jQuery plugins that aren’t compatible. Many UI alternatives have added features that allow them to serve multiple functions without compromising the system.


Wijmo is comprised of several widgets that are capable of handling many functions including an events calendar, charts, gauges, animation programs, videos as well as several other features that use the power behind jQuery. Their extremely high quality makes them excellent tools for Web development. Wijmo widgets are designed with several interchangeable themes that can be used for both mobile and Web programs. The Wijmo kit comes complete with widgets to perform almost any task affiliated with Web design and development.

Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a unique framework that has several features designed to assist with Web development. Whether it is for Web-based or mobile apps, the three major groups of widgets that can be used as single components or in groups.

  • Kendo UI Web β€” The Web group is a framework specifically designed to enhance Web development. Templates, editor, calendars, schedulers and data sources all work together to create an effective package exclusively for working on the Web platform.
  • Kendo UI Mobile – The mobile group of widgets provide features best used in apps and mobile devices. While the framework is based off of the Web platform, it adds benefits to the development of mobile apps that make them easier to use and more accessible.
  • Kendo UI Dataviz β€” The Dataviz group is widgets designed to create visualization and other features in Web design. Barcodes charts and gauges are used to enhance the experience when used in conjunction with various other features highlighted by the Kendo framework.


JQWidgets offers the convenience of JavaScript and SVG without depending on the Query systems. The jQuery widgets contain a complete framework that enhances Web development. Widgets within the system integrate easily with one another allowing for more adaptable designs and an increase in the number of features that can be included within the Web design. While tools within the system are based on the Query framework, they are not dependent on it can function on their own, eliminating issues within the constructs of the program.

jQuery Easy UI

Modern JavaScript applications can be built using the Easy UI widgets. Components within the system are interactive and can be used with many different browsers. Using a Query core offers a solid foundation. The jQuery Easy UI widgets use DataGrids, messengers, search forms and other features needed to build a versatile Web platform. Widgets that can be used for Web development include both panel and window layouts that will enhance the program and make it more user friendly. Widgets can be used in conjunction with one another or can stand alone and be completely functional.


Zino UI contains 30 interacting and accessible widgets that can be used alone or as a group in the Web development process. This unique library of features is based off of the Query format and is neatly compact allowing for maximum benefits and ease of use. The SVG graph tool, DataSource and data table all work together to create a usable platform. As with other UI alternatives, each of the features is capable of standing alone. They can be used in conjunction with one another and are able to work interchangeably within the development system. Zino UI does have its drawbacks, however. It lacks theme support, RTL support and globalization features that limit many of its capabilities.

UI alternatives to jQuery plugins normally have an abundance of features that are interchangeable. Most are compatible with other features in the platform, making the Web development process go smoothly while providing maximum efficiency on all levels. The unique aspect of many of the features included in the UI platform is that while the tools are based on Query principles, they do not rely on the program to function. As independent tools, they bring the benefits of the Query product without any of the issues associated with their use.


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