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May 26, 2014

10 Top SEO Leaders You Should Be Following

Rand Fishkin - CEO of

Do you still think that learning the spoken and unspoken rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an unreachable goal? In that case, now would be a good time to change your opinion. SEO skills are not in your DNA; they are developed and perfected over time. A good optimization plan requires lots of time, energy, extensive research and exhausting brainstorming sessions. But most of all, good SEO tactics require role models. In a universe governed by Google’s ever-changing set of rules and guidelines, it is imperative to follow in the footsteps of people who are experts in this area.

SEO leaders are founders of powerful SEO/e- consultancy firms, passionate online marketers and trendsetters. Their mad marketing skills, curiosity, tremendous passion for what they do and a powerful desire to stay in the loop and provide accurate SEO advice to the public at large is a winning formula that has basically written their success stories.

How & Why You May Need an SEO Guide

If you don’t really understand SEO, you seldom know if you’re walking on solid ground when you’re testing or implementing new optimization tactics . Since search engine optimization plans can make or break your online business, it is always advisable to replace your doubts with certainties. And to do that, you need to count on someone with an in-depth knowledge and expertise in this industry.

Great SEO experts are like your first grade teacher: they provide a good starting point. We learn by following the examples set by successful people. Obviously, we have access to a generous selection of resources available online, but somehow it is always more tempting to follow powerful leaders who keep an entire SEO community updated. These leaders predict new trends, discuss ideas, share a virtually endless list of orthodox optimization tips and tricks, post updates on different hot topics and provide timely answers to questions that are currently bothering marketers and webmasters.

Most importantly, they offer free advice which is trustworthy. When your goal is to perfect your optimization tactics, it is extremely important to listen to what reputable SEO specialists have to say. Sometimes, SEO novices just have to be the sheep and let the experts be the shepherd.

The Ultimate List of SEO Experts to Follow

1) Matt Cutts: Matt is head of the web-spam team at Google. He writes about the latest Google updates and he’s usually the first to know. He is one of the few people who can provide insights about the Google changes that usually take everybody by surprise.

Matt is very good at explaining even the most complex and abstract SEO notions using everyday language. If you are looking for a “dummies” edition of a SEO guide, just take a peek at his blog, where you’ll find lots of interesting information about SEO, gadgets and Google.

Don’t know how Google’s most radical changes could impact your rankings? Don’t know how to adapt to new challenges brought by search engines? Just ask Cutts. If you’re in luck and your question is really interesting, he will offer you an answer in a video posted on YouTube.

2) Rand Fishkin: He is the CEO of Moz and a widely respected SEO expert. The Moz blog is one of the most popular SEO blogs on the Web and is followed by thousands of people. It’s run by Rand + reputable guest bloggers. Moz offers the Moz Bar, a free browser downloadable add-on toolbar, which is the best way to find out the Domain Authority of a site. For good information about ‘Page Rank’ visit:

Rand, the “Wizard of Moz at Moz”, is definitely a great teacher for anyone who wants to improve their SEO skills. He is also the co-founder of and the Art of SEO. If SEO is really an art, then Fishkin is a genuine contemporary artist. He runs multiple blogs and is obsessed with anything associated with search, social signals and content.

3) Danny Sullivan: SearchEngineLand is one of the best, unbiased, factual sources for SEO information, news, and help. Danny Sullivan is the big name on this site. Whenever users need to confirm a rumor that has created a stir in the SEO community, get an opinion on a new SEO prediction, or obtain an accurate explanation for search engine updates that impact their optimization efforts, they turn to SearchEngineLand.

4) Loren Baker: The founder of SearchEngineJournal, a high ranking, popular resource for finding quality SEO news and research, is a well known and trusted SEO guru. Since research is the solid foundation for any project involving SEO or content creation, it’s definitely advisable to check out the latest posts published on this site. Baker likes to keep himself very busy. Apart from being the founder of Search Engine Journal, he also runs Foundation Digital, a company specializing in digital marketing strategies, and is the advisor for Alpha Brand Media.

5) Neil Patel: Born in 1985 in London, Patel is the founder of CrazyEgg, Hello Bar and KISSMetrics. He thinks that he was born with a priceless gift: the ability to help webmasters get “a ton of eyeballs” on their webpages. He guarantees significant website traffic increases in only 3 months. One of his sites, KISSMetrics is a real boon for content creators, marketers and webmasters who are looking for the simplest, fastest method to stay relevant in the SEO community and improve their profits.

6) Joe Hall: Hall knows more than a thing or two about SEO, internet marketing and web development. In 2009, Hall introduced a social media search tool entitled This accomplishment brought him to the attention of major players and prestigious institutions, including MIT and the Department of Homeland Security. So, if you are looking for a specialist who can handle any type of Internet marketing challenge, Hall is definitely your guy. He founded 22 Media LLC, a company that he closed in December 2012 when he decided to work for Internet Marketing Ninjas. As a Senior Marketing Analyst, he provides accurate answers to questions related to social media, online marketing and web development.

7) Geoff Kenyon: If your one and only purpose in life is to build or consolidate a perfectly healthy online business and keep Google on your side for the longest period of time, Geoff Kenyon is your man. The online marketing and SEO expert from Distilled’ specializes in link building, ecommerce and technical SEO, which are the basic components for conquering online markets.

Whether you want to create focused web content without wasting any words, wish to discover the hidden secrets of online marketing or plan to find out what factors actually helped big brands succeed where others have failed, you’ll find some very interesting points of view by checking out the most recent posts published by Distilled.

8) Mike Ramsey: Ramsey is the owner of Nifty Marketing, a company that has a very seductive promise: “We make local SEXY”. So, if you’re looking for killer local search marketing tactics that actually work, look to Nifty Marketing to get inspired.

9) Jon Cooper: Cooper owns Point Blank SEO. It’s no secret that links are the core of Google’s algorithms. Backlinks are extremely important and are the central piece of any off-page optimization plan. If you know very little or nothing at all about backlinks, turn to John Cooper for advice and useful info on this subject. Point Blank SEO provides novices with a free link building guide which can be obtained via email. Cooper also offers free link building courses for both beginners and pros.

10) Express Writers Content Creators: Last, but not least, the Express Writers Blog is another exceptional SEO guide that you can check out. The copywriting team writes & posts original, up-to-date resource articles about press releases, blogs, new Google updates, etc.


Julia McCoy is the founder of Express Writers, a serial content marketer, and bestselling author. A dedicated self-starter since an early age, by age 13, she'd written a 200-page book and taught herself Internet marketing. At 19, Julia dropped out of college and a nursing degree to follow her passion, teach herself online writing, and start her agency. Within two years, Express Writers grew by 400 percent, and today, Julia’s agency serves more than 5,000 clients. Julia is a bestselling author, the creator of The Practical Content Strategy Certification Course, host of the Write Podcast and Twitter Chat #ContentWritingChat. She just published her second bestseller, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing, November 2017.

45 Responses to “10 Top SEO Leaders You Should Be Following

    great article with a perspective about SEO and the SEO leaders of the year 2014. l know the most of them and l will read about the others l don’t know, thanx

    your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog

    avatar BobP says:

    Maybe what we really need is for Google to expect different SEO and content creation from various types of sites instead of enforcing their passive aggressive campaign of ruining everyone for no valid purpose what-so-ever. Sure a news blog needs fresh daily content and in essence that’s its SEO and that should be respected even when it’s copied and pasted off the wire service. So some spin the articles (actually changing the news sometimes) and that’s rewarded? On the other hand if your site is about sea slugs and you’ve already written pretty much everything there is, Google should leave you alone. They’re like demanding Hemingway come out of the grave and rewrite his books for them otherwise they are of declining value not being updated with fresh and new content. Some sites are like books, they’re done and should be respected with proper PR like reviewed books and movies, not punished for not being endlessly updated.

    avatar Jenifer says:

    Hi Julia, Great post. I love to read Matt Cutts and Rand Fishkin blog. They are the best SEO gurus in the world.

    avatar Dimov says:

    Great list.

    I believe that people have to learn SEO alone.There are people who can help, but there is not exact SEO ranking formula, which means there are no people we can trust 100%.I know all of the mentioned people here, but no one can tell you exactly how to rank your sites.

    avatar best seo services says:

    I also follow Matt Cutts and others but only in a limit. I take keen interest in changes in SERP and follow the toppers in SERP. SO majorly, I am following Google.

    avatar James Isles says:

    Comprehensive list thank you not heard of some of those people will certainly be checking out their blogs.

    Thanks for the post and resources. I think you are only as good as the info that you have and by following these seo gurus, you certainly have the advantage over your competition and a heads up for anything new in the SEO world

    avatar Azedine says:

    Following Matt? Really? You are joking!!!!

    avatar best seo services delhi says:

    I have the same point. Because he will never want to see a successful seo.

    avatar Todd says:

    DITTO! I can’t believe it either.

    avatar raju64522 says:

    bookmarked!!, I like your blog!

    Hey,its nice list,always following Matt Cutts and Search Engine Land and Journal for quality guidelines and any updates about SEO.

    It’s an informative blog and I am getting conglomerations of info. Thanks for sharing.

    avatar ecommerce web development says:


    Thanks for sharing the article. I follow few of them which are mentioned in this articles.

    avatar Darma Wijaya says:

    The people are great in the world of SEO that has been mentioned above it is necessary to know and also the science and knowledge about the SEO world deserves to be emulated.

    avatar arjun says:

    Thank you sir,I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. nice explanation. It is
    more effective and interest for new learners. I thought I would leave my first comment. I feel great after reading this information.

    avatar Simon says:

    IMO you left out a silent giant, Aaron Bradley.

    Excellent information with unique content and it is very useful to know about the information based on blogs.

    Great article… I follow most of these guys on a daily basis. sometime just reading stuff that they wrote takes me half a day. But it’s worth it.

    What I did is actually make a site that helps you see how much social virality a page on the net has.
    Pretty cool huh?
    Your Welcome 🙂

    avatar Ferry says:

    The people are great in the world of SEO that has been mentioned above it is necessary to know and also the science and knowledge about the SEO world deserves to be emulated.

    avatar Dexeter says:

    Once again the conclusion is to write unique, compelling high quality articles for readers and not for search engines.

    SEO has not changed, Google is targeting those that try to game the system not those that produce content that the reader is looking for. Google is getting better at identifying quality content.

    avatar Rumah dijual in jakarta says:

    I am thanks so much for this article. I am happy to follow them and will learn from their successful

    avatar di Buka Info says:

    I suspect not get accurate information from the fund, thank you for the amazing post

    avatar Mike C Smith says:

    No matter how much you learn about SEO you never seem to get on top of it. Some good names here to follow. Thank you for sharing.

    avatar SITC says:

    lately, I did not give plenty of thought to giving responses on site page reports and have positioned responses even less. Reading through your pleasant content, will assist me to do so sometimes.

    microsoft dynamics crm 2015 Online Training

    Who is better powerful and true about Google Organic search in list?

    Sagar Ganatra

    avatar Dana Tan says:

    Hi Julia, Great post. I love lists 🙂 I am always interested to know who someone else would choose for their top 10. I agree with all of your choices, but I think there are four standouts missing from your list:

    1. Adam Audette specifically and the RKG Blog in general is one of the best resources for technical SEO on the planet.

    2. AJ Kohn and his blog Blind Five-Year-Old. Incredibly forward thinking and actionable.

    3. Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting for the SEO interview series in his blog. He consistently pushes Matt Cutts to actually say something that doesn’t need to be deciphered.

    4. Phil Nottingham – arguably the #1 expert for Video SEO.

    If you were to expand your list to 15, these guys need to be on it 🙂

    avatar Patti Paz says:

    What about self-serving articles?
    10) Express Writers Content Creators: Last, but not least, the Express Writers Blog

    I was kinda ‘buying’ some on your list til I got to the last one. Oh, well, same ole – same ole from the seo industry.

    avatar Ritesh Reet says:

    Great information about these leaders of SEO. Their Hard Work and dedication made them legends in the field of SEO. Webmasters can learn a lot from them.

    Thanks for sharing info about them, Julia

    avatar James Miller says:

    Great post about being a successful SEO Expert and SEO company. I follow Search Engine Land and Matt Cutts blog for latest SEO updates

    avatar Specto training says:

    Fantastic article ! You havemade some very astute statements and I appreciate the the effort you have put into your writing. Its clear that you know what you are writing about. I am excited to read more of your sites content.

    microsoft dynamics ax 2012 Technical online training

    avatar Brenda Morgan says:

    Great list Raunaq. This list of experts will surely help people to know more and get best insights into the Search Engine Optimization. However, some of the experts like Robert Scoble, Darren Rowse, Brian Clark, Cynthia Johnson, Kristopher B. Jones and Jeff Bullas should have been included in your list. Check these Lists:

    avatar Nancy Roy says:

    Nice Article for Helpful to Know about Seo Experts.

    avatar Ofis Koltukları says:

    Thanks for sharing. I follow most of these guys on a daily basis. sometime just reading stuff that they wrote takes me half a day.

    Great tips. I think you are only as good as the info that you have and by following these seo gurus, you certainly have the advantage over your competition and a heads up for anything new in the seo world

    avatar rudra pawar says:

    It’s incredible how many things somebody can learn just by reading blogs.
    Thanks for your post!digital marketing by smm

    great post…i am on the way…!!!

    avatar Shantal says:

    Very interesting post, I’ve noticed that a lot of the perceived SEO gurus are predominantly male in the posts that I’ve seen recently, all except for this one which was a pleasant surprise, and although these people are definitely experts in their own right. I wish there was more diversity brought out in this post for all areas of SEO.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information to our vision. You have posted a trustworthy blog; keep sharing.

    avatar Sabjan says:

    Indeed.They are all really top 10 SEO leaders that we should follow without any hesitation.We could say them SEO legends Instead of SEO leaders.Thanks for sharing the great Information my friend as always. Have a great day!

    This was such a great information! Thanks so much for giving back and helping all of us who are just starting out.

    avatar shyam says:

    This was such a great information! Thanks so much for giving back and helping all of us who are just starting out.

    avatar Neha Agarwal says:

    Thanks for sharing with very nice article.

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