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June 2, 2014

The Power Behind the Pin: Turning Pinterest into a Marketing Goldmine

The news is out: social platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter can be incredibly effective for brands that know how to engage the public in real time.  Those with experience exact public relations acumen as well as tools and resources to make the most of social media platforms and engagements.

Pinterest, a visually-stimulating and free online platform, helps brands offering products and services raise public awareness in addition to answering questions and addressing potential customers.  Turn your next pin into a marketing goldmine, using the following tools.

Share the Sharing

A lack of strategy is one of the reasons brands fail when it comes to social media use.  It’s not what you share, but where and when you share it.  For example, a brand operating its marketing on a Monday to Friday schedule is forgetting consumers not only use social media on the weekends but often use it more during this time.

It’s important to consider the where and when of sharing in addition to what social platforms are connected, making followers of one platform aware of followers and information on other social channels.

For example, use WooBox — an app that aids users to grow fans and enhance marketing — to seamlessly connect Pinterest page information to a Facebook business page.

Get Alerted of Sharing

Pinterest allows people to appreciate others’ pins as well as use them to dress their own wall.  Since imitation is a form of flattery, brands sometimes express gratitude or use the occasion to address the appreciation with discussion or a simple ‘thank you.’

Often, unsuccessful brands use Pinterest and other social channels as mute, digital billboards. Unfortunately, people use ‘social’ platforms for socializing and not for soft or forced advertising.

Use PinAlerts to be notified when someone re-pins your content.  That way, you can express appreciation as you see fit.  Some brands note consumer appreciation, craft discounts and coupons, or begin following others’ accounts.

Get Help with Social Efforts

Small business owners have limited time and resources.  While creating content to share or taking pictures to pin may not warrant assistance, drawing attention to existing and ongoing content and social handles does.

Yodle is an online marketing firm that helps clients get more phone calls, generate greater sales and raise the level of awareness about a business as well as associated products and services.  Content and digital assets accumulate, yet, it’s important to get help inspiring awareness of all online properties.

Measure Sharing and Advocacy

It’s one thing to pin pictures and thank others for re-pins.  It’s a completely different game to track metrics, offer contests and organize strategic ways to transform Pinterest attention into brand dollars.

Piquora helps brands engage customers, analyze social media data and connect with influential personalities.

Schedule Your Pins for Everlasting Presence

What if in-house operations follow a Monday to Friday schedule but many customers use Pinterest on weekends?  Aside from using the assistance of a freelance social media agent or agency, a busy small business owner may automate Pinterest efforts via ViralTag.

ViralTag helps a small business owner manage a number of social platforms from one place.  That way, one can schedule weekend pins or publishing for any period around the clock, seven days a week.


Johnathan Ulmer has been studying modern marketing trends for several years. As a branding strategist, he especially enjoys writing about online marketing methods useful for today's businesses.