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June 17, 2014

Stealth Wear Protects People from Prying Eyes

'Anti-Drone' Burqa

With Google and Facebook in a race to see who can get the most satellites and drones in the air, some privacy advocates are worried about how personal privacy will be affected.

'Anti-Drone' hoodie

‘Anti-Drone’ hoodie

'Anti-Drone' Hijab

‘Anti-Drone’ Hijab

But not to worry if you are one of those with concerns — the Privacy Gift Shop is offering a ‘Stealth Wear’ collection for those who don’t want to be seen from above.

“Stealth Wear is a collection of garments that shields against thermal imaging, a surveillance technology used widely by military drones to target people,” reads the Privacy Gift Shop website.

The collection includes an anti-drone hoodie, an anti-drone hijab and an anti-drone burqa.

The hoodie, which is metal-plated to shield against thermal surveillance used by military drones, retails for $350. The hoodie, which is lined in black nylon, is currently sold out.

The hijab, which is also metal-plated, retails for $550 while the burqa costs $2,500. Both have black silk interiors and are available to order.