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July 23, 2014

Pinterest Top Social Network, Google No. 1 Search Engine: Report

Social Media Sites, Search Engines Ranked According to User Satisfaction

Social media users continue to have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.

While a large share of Americans continue to use the social network, satisfaction with the site remains unimpressive, although rates have improved since last year.

According to the newly-released American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Facebook gained eight percent to come in at a 67 percent satisfaction rate — but that was recorded before the news broke that the social network was manipulating users’ news feeds as part of a mood experiment.

LinkedIn satisfaction rates also increased by eight percent to 67— the site’s highest score to date— tying it with Facebook while Twitter’s rates climbed six percent to hit 69 — a gain ACSI attributed to users’ response to its updated site design and better integration of photos and videos.

It was Pinterest, however, that topped the social media list with a 76 percent satisfaction rate. The site has steadily gained the approval of its pinners over the past three years due to its improved features and search functions.

Just behind Pinterest was Wikipedia, down five percent to 74. YouTube rose three percent to 73 while Google+ remains unchanged at 71 after plummeting nine percent a year ago.

“Even with improvements across the board, e-business—and social media in particular—doesn’t do well in terms of user satisfaction,” ACSI chairman and founder Claes Fornell said in a press release. “It is rare to see strong growth in an industry with such low customer satisfaction. However, several of the major players seem to have realized that their long-term prospects may be in jeopardy unless they do better.”

When it comes to search engines, Google topped the list with an eight percent jump to an ACSI score of 83.

“Google has some of the most satisfied customers in all of ACSI, and given its enormous lead in search engines, it is unlikely that the competition is going to dislodge Google’s very loyal customer base,” said ACSI director David VanAmburg.

Bing dropped four percent to 73 and tying MSN, which decreased by one percent. Yahoo plummeted seven percent to 71, its lowest score yet and its third consecutive decline. AOL came in last with a 70 percent rate, a decrease of one percent over last year.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.

4 Responses to “Pinterest Top Social Network, Google No. 1 Search Engine: Report

    avatar SEO SERVICES IN INDIA says:

    Yes, Everybody knows that Google is always no.1. All the people’s using Google search engine for searching things. Google always provide exact answer and huge related answer. Everybody believe in Google. That’s why Google is always in Top, and always No.1. Now the Pinterest is best social network. It’s good. But bad for Facebook.

    avatar Ferry says:

    The number of social networking media in online media will facilitate the users to use

    avatar Sudipto says:

    Google is number one search engine in world and no one can beat it but I am surprised that Pinterest beat Facebook. Pinterest is also good and I am also using it. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

    avatar C.R. says:

    Had to comment on this bit:
    “Pinterest…topped the social media list with a 76 percent satisfaction rate. The site has steadily gained the approval of its pinners over the past three years due to its improved features and search functions.”

    HA! Not true by my experience, and have been there about 2 years now. Pinterest has gotten WORSE with their user interface, failure after failure with ‘related pins’ and other crap, taken away choices and stuff that worked (now we can’t explain why we’re reporting a pin or pinner, they took away the ‘other’ choice and text box), and added unnecessary junk (very recently made another UI change with redundant buttons and choices now, and no explanation of that in the Help pages or anywhere else yet). They’ve wasted time and code by adding stuff no one really needs, and not adding good useable features people have asked for for years.

    And their search engine SUCKS and always has, and is NO better in the last 2 years, so I don’t know where you got that ‘improved search functions’ idea. The functions are the same as they have been — search by pin, board, or pinner, and they did add ‘search my pins’ finally, so maybe 1 improvement, but hardly enough to crow about. But there’s STILL no advance search options to narrow things down, not even with quote marks, and it still matches on pins that have NONE of the search terms in them anywhere! Can’t search on specific boards/profiles or categories yet, that would be super useful and should have been done day 1. The site would be SO much easier to use if they had a real search engine with features that have been around for years.

    And it’s far from being much of a ‘social’ network. It’s the least social of the social sites, with little interaction among users. It seems most or many have their email notifications turned off for comments, so no one replies, no one removes offensive comments etc., because they’re unaware of them. It does have the usual immature/silly arguments in comments that all these places have though. I don’t know who they surveyed for that 76% approval, but I call BS on it. Was this a ‘come take our survey’ type thing, because those are junk, and give junk results. You can’t really trust any internet surveys anyway.

    Pinterest is screwing things up, not making the site better, and people are leaving in bigger numbers, but the new users are outnumbering those, so no one at Pinterest cares. And yes, I’ve voiced this to them too. It has NOT been any good for getting customers either, and few clicks to my site each month, and I have better pics and descriptions than 99% of the sellers in my genres or other genres there, and am fairly priced to boot. Not impressed with Pinterest.

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