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September 2, 2014

Add Public Speaking to Your Marketing Plan to Promote Your Company

Small business owners must devote a lot of time to marketing their brand to get noticed. To increase your client list and convince people to work for you, you are compelled to stay updated with the most recent trends. Updating your portfolio, pitching new projects, attending conferences and so on, are all important actions that you must take to make yourself noticed. One of the simplest ways of promoting a company or a brand is through public speaking.

Believe it or not, public speaking adds value to your business. It may seem challenging and even nerve-racking, but it can also be rewarding. If you want to convince an audience to trust your company and buy your products, you have to speak out loud and let people know you.

Leaders, entrepreneurs and CEOs spend so much time online these days that they don’t want to attend live conferences anymore. While chatting on Skype with employees and investors may seem practical, it’s not really a smart way to market your company. Every business owner should include public speaking into his marketing strategy. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Look professional

How can investors and customers see you as a professional when they’ve never heard you speak? Talking out loud, in front of an audience will position you as an authoritative individual within your activity domain. There’s no time to be nervous, though. Since you’ll be talking about your company, crafting a beautiful presentation shouldn’t be a problem. Promote your company by organizing weekly conferences. Invite important names, potential investors, and buyers, and bring solid arguments to convince people of your company’s capabilities. Be genuine, honest to make the audience connect to you, both as an individual and as the head of your business.

Giving presentations and speaking in front of people can be a valuable strategy for boosting company visibility and proving your expertise and value to the marketplace. Business owners don’t need to be experienced motivational speakers for this; however, you must commit and try as much as possible to develop and improve your confidence level, presentation skills and leadership abilities.

Increase visibility online and offline

Every business, regardless of size and type, must have some sort of presence online and offline. An official website, a dedicated Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile of the CEO, a Twitter account are just as important as the posters and billboards you’re planning on spreading around the city. A business owner must connect to his audience. Record yourself at an event or conference, and upload the video on YouTube and on other social media websites. Let people see and hear you. Posting videos is an excellent way of assessing your speech. Apart from making it available to a wider audience, you are also analyzing flaws and searching for ways to make it better the next time.

Set yourself apart from the competition

The key to owning a successful company is to be unique. As the owner of a small business, it’s your job to entice the people and make them want to know you. A well-thought out marketing plan is not just about boosting website traffic and having thousands of Facebook fans. It’s equally important to let an audience get to know the person behind the company, and that person is YOU: the owner.

Public speaking at events, conferences, gatherings, and formal business meetings is an excellent way of making your brand known in front of a wider audience. Live presentations should be included on your marketing and advertising plan. Prior to getting started, make a plan. Write down important information you’d like to share and know your numbers. It’s important to be prepared because people may want to ask questions. As long as you’ve got nothing to hide and your company data is transparent, chances are your audience will love you.

In some situations, business owners may also opt to use conference speakers. This means hiring someone to talk about your small business at events. Before choosing a speaker, make sure you check his resumé. Tell him as much information about your company, help him understand your goals, and work together to come up with the best speech.


Jason Phillips is a business writer and blogger. He has written several high quality articles. He also works for 247 Web Experts offering website designing and internet marketing services.