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September 4, 2014

Facebook, eBay, Apple All Experience Issues

Users Unable To Access Sites At Different Points

There were some roving access issues on some of the most popular websites in the past few days.

appleApple, Facebook and eBay all reported temporary issues that impacted users in the United States. All the issues, once discovered, were remedied quickly and users quickly found regular service.

It was Apple that first experienced technical difficulties, reported Business Week.

On Tuesday, some customers trying to access the iTunes store “may have unable to access multiple stores or make purchases,” Apple stated on its website.

It was Facebook’s turn, the very next day, to experience a similar issue.

Wednesday afternoon an unknown number of American users could not log in to the popular social networking site.

Reuters quoted a Facebook spokesperson as saying the matter was resolved quickly.

“We immediately discovered the issue and fixed it, and everyone should now be able to connect,” the unidentified source was quoted as saying.

The issue, Facebook reported, stemmed from an infrastructure-configuration adjustment.

A similar issue plagued some eBay customers as users reported difficulties signing in.

“This appears to be the result of technical issues that occurred during scheduled server maintenance,” eBay explained on its website.
A specific number of impacted users was not provided but is believed most users did not notice any interruptions in service.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.