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September 10, 2014

The 12 Awesomest GIFs on Twitter from Brands

When Twitter announced that GIFs were now on its service, the whole Twitterverse immediately jumped at that chance to use them. This was especially prevalent amongst brands — it seemed that many had been sitting on them for years, and that a big pile had amassed beneath them, exploding upon impact from this tweet:

GIFs are a fun and visually appealing way to gain some exposure for your brand, here are 12 of the best so far. Just to tease you, I saved my favorite two GIFs for last!

1. Cosmos TV series

I’m a geek, so mentioning Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos TV series to start off this list was a must for me. Their rotating star GIF is a perfect example of one you can leave it on and it will always look cool, without odd, jumpy movements:

2. The National Aquarium

The National Aquarium combines something/someone I love, Beyonce’s Bootyliciousness, with something I love watching — jellyfish — into one funny joke:

3. Oreo Cookies

I love food (as you’ll find out as you read more), and I love cookies most. This mesmerizing Oreo cookie GIF caused a terrible cookie binge in my home:

4. Wendy’s Restaurants

You’d think that Wendy’s Restaurants wouldn’t be hip to social media, but this clever use of its logo clearly shows it knows a thing or two about appealing to the Twitterverse:

5. Denny’s

The first Denny’s GIF had double cheeseburger eyes. It was equal parts silly, awesome and effective and it received a good number of shares:

6. Mountain Dew

We all need a drink to wash down all that food! Mountain Dew has a really unusual sort of social media campaign — it likes to be edgy and it’s not afraid to FTW (don’t ask me what that means) every now and then. This GIF looks so much like ’90s era GIF banner advertising that it’s funny:

7. Arby’s

OK, I promise that this is the last food post. All I can say about this Arby’s GIF is that Cristiano Ronaldo had better watch out: This guy here can use his head to score, and I’m betting he can seriously curl a shot in net (sorry for punning):


Speaking of the beautiful game, decided it wasn’t getting enough attention during World Cup pendemonium, so it sent out this adorably sharable GIF:

9. Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball sent out a similarly cute GIF when the announcement was made. It just goes to show ya, if you have to keep it to a PG-13 rating, cute sells just as well:

10. Jeep

Jeep prides itself on its tough vehicles. When you put that machismo together with an usual location for the camera, and an usual looking rocky area for the photo to be taken, you get a GIF that looks like this:

11. The Office U.S. Version

The second last GIF on this list is the best. Hands down. All time winner. The Office shows you how to use your 140 characters sparsely for immediate impact, then capture the moment, pair it with a GIF that has the right text, and then use all of that to make you laugh yourself sore:

12. Victoria’s Secret

It takes a bit of time to load, but this Victoria’s Secret GIF is worth the time to wait. You could make a cynical and flippant comment here, but Victoria’s Secret went directly to what its audience wants to see: supermodels in behind-the-scenes moments.

There is plenty to be learned from all of this seemingly silly content. The most important thing to remember when it comes to using GIFs for your brand is that you need to have fun. No one wants to a share a GIF about the movement of a line graph!

You don’t need to be a comedian, just find a way to use your logo in an interesting way, like Wendy’s, or create something that will appeal to the core of your audience, like Cosmos. Think about a way that your brand can utilize a GIF by analyzing all of your visual content, successful videos are a prime example, and make the best of it move.


Matthew Yeoman is the resident writer at He has written guest posts on numerous websites within the social media marketing circle and worked with dozens of online companies. He currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa.