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October 16, 2014

How To Evoke Emotion In Video Marketing Campaigns

In the modern world of online marketing, video is a key strategy but, for the footage to have the desired effect on your target audience, the content must evoke emotion.

Research conducted by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science discovered that videos that trigger emotions are shared on social media networks more than any other type of content.

The study found marketing with the most shareability included exhilaration, humour, personal interest and desire. However, what you must understand is people react to information in different ways and you need to find the right emotion that most suits your brand.

If your visual marketing material includes these three key elements you are heading in the right direction:

  • Recognition
  • Evaluation
  • Adoption

Emotional appeal
Evoking emotion is arguably one of the hardest things to achieve with video but, get it right, and it is the most powerful medium of all. Your videos can evoke negative emotions such as anger or sadness. They can also tap into emotion so much that they can trigger tears. One of the most watched videos that brought tears to the eyes was the footage of a lion being reunited with its two young men who had raised her from a cub until she was released into the wild.

However, evoking negative emotions is a fine line to tread so, until you become something of a video marketing expert – which is possible given time and resources – steer toward positive emotions.

Let’s take a look at video ingredients that serve up shareable treats.

Everybody loves a good giggle, and if you can make people laugh with your video, they will share with friends and family. Some of the most popular viral videos of all time include some form of humour – simply because they appeal to almost everyone and people will share them. Being funny on the other hand is a completely new challenge altogether.

Newsworthy items
One way to generate humor in your video ad is to make something comical from a newsworthy item. A good example of this can be found in the “Phubbing” advert by Macqueries dictionary. Focusing on the global problem of Smartphone users snubbing one another in favor of their handsets, the advert explains the history of how the word was formed.

Demonstrate how your products work
There is no tool more powerful than evoking emotion by demonstrating how a product works. Like any form of marketing, you need to be able to show prospects the benefits of your product and demonstrate how your product can improve somebody’s life, make a task easier or provide entertainment value they crave. Bring your products and your brand to life by making it desirable and you flick the “I want it” switch on immediately.

Give your target audience information they need
The art of communicating is being able to convey a message. Therefore your video marketing campaign should include information relevant to your product and something your target audience doesn’t already know. Believe it or not, people love learning new quirky facts they can bring up in conversation.

The expression ‘knowledge is power’ has its own significance in marketing. Give the gift of knowledge to your audience and you get the power of authority and influence in their video experience.

Give your audience an incentive
One of the easiest and most effective ways to engage an audience is with a contest video. They can also be very cost-effective with almost no investment needed on your part. However, the incentive needs to be big enough to pique the viewer’s interest.

A good example of this was the Nikon contest that asked prospects to make a short film that captured an everyday moment for the chance of winning a camera package worth $17,000. You don’t have to be so generous obviously, but if you don’t make the prize exciting enough, nobody will enter.

If you can sweet-talk your clients into giving a quick interview to say how great your products are, you have an incredibly powerful marketing video that’s easy on the budget. You can also use the footage to include in another videos – but don’t use the same interviewee every time otherwise it looks as though you don’t have many clients that are keen to sing your praises.

One step better than an interview is your client demonstrating how they use your product and the benefits it gives them. If you have a versatile product different customer’s use in different ways you can add variety to your footage and add credibility to your product and your brand — just keep it honest and genuine.

Marketing online is gearing up for videos and the statistics show marketers cannot afford to overlook the opportunity to bring their product to life. TV advertising has been the most effective marketing tool since the 1950s and the Internet has made it possible for almost any small business to promote their goods and services.

Now all you have to do is learn how to make effective videos that provoke emotion.


Ant Hodges founded The Web Video Studio in 2014 to give video marketers access to professional recording equipment at reduced costs. An expert in SEO marketing Ant has 15 years of marketing under his belt and all the scout badges to prove it. He is also the owner of and specializing in training online marketers in all things SEO.