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November 4, 2014

Amazon`s Diversity Report Shows Anything But

White Males Dominate Company`s Employee Figures

Amazon may have done more harm for itself than good.

Amazon figuresThe company issued a report late last week highlighting the gender and ethnicity of its employees. The figures – accompanied by lots of images of smiling employees – show the company is predominantly made up of Caucasian males. In fact, 63 percent of Amazon’s employees are male and 60 percent of its American workforce is white.

The release of the report comes after Rev. Jesse Jackson asked Amazon to disclose its diversity statistics. Jackson, USA Today reported, requested the information after claiming Amazon does not have any blacks or Hispanics on its board of directors.

The report released by Amazon does not break down the ethnicity of its board of directors but does breakdown all ethnicity for American employees. The figures show 60 percent are white, 15 percent are black, 13 percent are Asian, Hispanics make up nine percent and an additional three percent are classified as “other.”

Those figures, though, are just a small part of the lengthy report. The document focuses on how Amazon helps women in technical positions (with 25 percent of Amazon managers across the globe being female) and the company’s commitment to veterans.

If, in fact, this is Amazon’s response to the pressure placed upon it by Jackson it has only done itself a disservice by, apparently, trying to sell the company as a ‘feel good employer’ while burying the numbers which it has been criticized for by one of the world’s most-recognized civil rights leader.

Entitling the report ‘Diversity at Amazon’ seems a shameful attempt to paint a positive picture out of less-than-impressive figures.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.