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January 8, 2015

BlackBerry Unveils Internet of Things Platform

BlackBerry is sticking to what it knows when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Canadian Smartphone maker’s IoT platform will target the automotive, shipping and asset tracking industries, by leveraging the company’s technology portfolio and security expertise.

The platform, which was unveiled at the CES in Las Vegas Wednesday, combines technology from BlackBerry’s QNX Software Systems. The QNX software powers mission-critical embedded systems in cars, industrial applications and medical devices combined with BlackBerry’s secure network infrastructure and device lifecycle management software.

“The BlackBerry IoT Platform blends the technologies that have enabled BlackBerry to become a leader in both the mobile data security and embedded systems industries,” said BlackBerry Technology Solutions vice-president of strategy and marketing Matt Hoffman. “By combining the BlackBerry global network and device lifecycle management proficiency with the embedded software experience of QNX, we have built a modular, cloud-based platform that gives customers the chance to build IoT applications in a secure, efficient and scalable way.

“Looking ahead, we will extend the platform with other BlackBerry technologies to give developers additional control over the flow of information to devices on the network’s edge.”

The company said although its IoT platform is currently targeted at the automotive and shipping industries, the plan is to eventually extend into the Smart energy sector and the health-care field.