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January 12, 2015

Google Translate App Update to Offer Real-Time Translation: Report

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Google’s Translate app will soon offer real-time detection and translation of spoken foreign languages, according to a New York Times report.

The soon-to-be released update will enable Translate to identify if a person is speaking a popular language and then automatically provide what was said in written text.

The app currently provides written translation of 90 languages but is still limited verbally.

The app, which allows two people who speak different languages to have a real-time translated conversation, presently can only offer spoken translations in a few of the most popular languages.

Google is following in the steps of Microsoft’s Skype service.

The company launched its Skype Translator preview program — which can translate speech, practically in real-time — in December. After one person speaks, the system then does its best to audibly translate the words in real-time.

On the Skype display will be a text translation of what was said to act as a fail safe in case the automated voice makes a mistake. The oral translator is currently available only in English and Spanish, but the number of languages will increase gradually.