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July 21, 2015

No Joking for Online Shoppers With ShopJester

App Allows Users to Conveniently Search For Sales, Items

Online shopping is no joke with e-commerce accounting for billions in financial exchanges each year.

ShopJester-logo-200x200However, a new app designed to reward those who regularly shop eliminates the need to visit various different websites as it presents sales and items from more than 30 major retailers. ShopJester is similar to the weekly flyers that arrive at people’s doorsteps, except those sales and special offers come in through the app available at both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

“ShopJester is a uniquely tailored shopping app that recommends the best possible sales going on at your favorite retailers and rewards users for shopping,” the app’s site explains. “The mobile app is a fast and easy way to shop across more than 32 major retail stores for all of the sales and new arrival items. In just two clicks…you can find any product category at any store!”

Initially launched as Just Sales, the app has rebranded itself and announced last month is raised $600,000 in seed funding. It works with major retail stores including Macy’s, Best Buy and Victoria’s Secret to allow shoppers access to items and a simple ‘buy’ button puts it in the users’ cart.

Co-founder Bob Pack recently told PE Hub the time seemed right to launch a mobile shopping app.

“While mobile shopping is a rapidly growing trend, there is currently nothing on the market that helps customers search for products from a variety of retailers from one centralized location. With ShopJester, we are focused on providing a more efficient and intuitive online shopping experience,” Pack explained.

The app is available for download now at no cost.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.