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September 25, 2015

Five Trusted Link Building Techniques that Work in 2015

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Internet marketers are always searching for the latest, greatest technique to boost numbers. While it’s important, especially in digital marketing, to always keep one eye on what lies ahead, it’s also equally (if not more) important to remain focused on what has and currently is working for you.

When it comes to link building, lots of things have changed over the years. As search engines have cracked down on spammy and automated techniques, it’s important now more than ever to be using trusted and true strategies that actually work. While there are lots of new creative link building techniques, there are also the powerful strategies that have been around for sometime and are continuing to produce great results.

So, what are the five most trusted link building techniques that you can count on in 2015 (and beyond)? Check them out here.

Guest Posting

The most tried and true of all techniques lives on!

Yes, it’s 2015, and yes, guest posting is still one of the most tried and true link building techniques. Don’t let people tell you guest posting is dead, because it’s not. While it’s quite clear and obvious that guest posting has significantly changed from what it used to be, it’s by no means dead, and in fact it’s alive and well.

In terms of how guest posting has changed, it’s in fact become a much more legit form of link building than it used to be. While what once might’ve been easily automated and done in large scale numbers is now pretty much unattainable unless completed on a more personal level. Conducting real outreach to quality blogs, with real accomplished writers and journalists, is how you’re going to get links in today’s digital marketing climate.

Guest posting in 2015 is less about the link you’re getting, and more about the quality blog post you’re posting. The link is an added benefit!

How-To Guides

Become an information powerhouse, and get links while you’re at it!

Creating informative, niche how-to guides and hosting them on your website or blog is another great step to take in order to start gaining valuable links. It might take a significant amount of time or a lot of effort to create a guide valuable enough to really help you get good links, but the time and effort you put in will come back to you tenfold.

Using videos, images, quotes, and more in your how-to guides is imperative if you want to see them turn into link building powerhouses. Once you’ve built up a solid guide (or, for best results, multiple guides) it’s time to start promoting them. Conduct blogger and influencer outreach to a variety of different outlets, and share the guide with them. Share it constantly on social media, and be sure to target niche specific people and blogs.

Building how-to guides is a link building strategy that, with enough effort put in now, will pay off for many years to come.

Expert Interviews

Be the source of expert information, and the links will follow.

Conducting interviews with experts in the niche you’re link building continues to be one of the greatest ways to gain a high number of valuable links. While it’s a strategy that requires a lot of waiting, and a lot of time to put together and finally get live, it’s something that is almost a sure-fire bet to get a number of great links while at the same time networking with some of the more known names in the industry.

Craft a personal email with a number of questions for the expert that you’d like to interview. If you want this piece to just focus on one expert, that’s fine, but ideally you’ll craft a blog post or content page with quotes and analysis from a handful of experts, as this will likely get you the most links. Once you’ve collected the answers and quotes, and have packaged the content together, reach back out to the expert with what you’ve come up with. If you put a lot of work into it, it will show, and you’ll likely get some social shares and a link back to your work.

Consider reaching out to many more experts than you want or think you’ll need, because chances are many will flat or ignore your emails for whatever reason.

Event Sponsorships

Look to find sponsorship opportunities in your niche, and you’ll get relevant links.

Sponsoring events is another excellent link building strategy that companies across many niches are utilizing in 2015. Depending on the size of the event and level of sponsorship, the potential of gaining a huge number of quality links is substantial. Events such as conferences typically list every single sponsor, and as other blogs start writing about the event there’s a chance you’ll get some links back that way too.

While sponsoring events is a great way to get links, it’s important to keep in mind that there is a chance these links will eventually get removed. Use various search queries to find good events that you can sponsor.


One of the more up and coming link building techniques that more and more companies are starting to utilize is offering scholarships. Offering scholarships sort of follows the same idea as sponsoring an event, but scholarships will likely result in more links from more higher quality sites (and possibly for a cheaper price, too).

There are a myriad of locations out on the web that compile lists of scholarships available to high school or college students, as a helpful resource. Sponsoring a scholarship by offering, say, $1,000 to the winner will help your company appear on these lists. You build a page on your website with all the information needed to apply for the scholarship, and promote that page out to the scholarship aggregators.

While the initial startup cost of offering a scholarship might be high, chances are you’ll see a nice return on investment due to the number of high quality EDU links you’ll be getting.

What works for you?

All in all, these five strategies have worked for businesses small and large, for many years. Unless something dramatically changes, they’ll continue working in the future, too. But, just like with any online marketing strategy, it really boils down to what works best for you and your business, as it might vary dramatically from another business!


Miguel Salcido has been a professional SEO consultant for over 9 years, holding Director and VP positions at large agencies. He now offers consulting services through his site, Visit His Google+ Profile

40 Responses to “Five Trusted Link Building Techniques that Work in 2015

    avatar James says:

    Guest posting is really relevant today and effective also for link building.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    avatar Luiz says:

    It seems a bit hard to implement all of those things on my website, but it might worth it! We can at least try.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Luiz, don’t feel overwhelmed. Just work on these things little by little and it will eventually get easier for you.

    avatar Luiz says:

    I also favorited this article! Thanks again!

    Nice piece of article. Thanks

    Great article and great insight. It’s also important to understand the big picture of what the changes mean – these kinds of quality techniques (queued directly from the changing search engine ranking algorithms) really are changing the internet, as a whole, to be more quality than quantity, which is a positive and powerful thing for everyone.

    Thank you again for the great article.

    avatar Webmaster says:

    Guest posting and how-to guides proved to be very successful, I would also include infographics as a great way for gaining links and viral marketing

    Infographics can be great, but you really need to promote them extensively in order to fully take advantage of them. Most infographics fall flat because of a lack of promotion. Its rare that an infographic goes “viral” on its own.

    avatar delizard says:

    Hi, very useful article. Today is more difficult to do linkbuilding and i think that guest post and interviews are the best way! Thanks again!

    avatar Androfern says:

    Guest posting is really relevant today and effective also for link building.

    avatar MattyC says:

    The days of buying a few hundred dollars of links seems prehistoric. Link strategies are much more complex to implement now. It was easy to tell a client “just give us a little budget and we’ll get some quality links.” To tell a client the 2015 link building strategies, per your post, now causes a number of businesses to become concerned (time, hardships, lack of understanding, etc). I can see why several clients said they were going back to direct mail. 😉

    LOL, yea it is tough for smaller businesses to implement some of these things. And as I said, direct mail can still be a viable option for many local service based businesses.

    avatar pradeep says:


    I think you have only posted “Guest Posting” techniques.

    Check these for the top ways to build links:

    1. Guest Posting
    2. Social Bookmarking
    3. Blogs submission websites
    4. High PR social sharing websites
    5. Local directory submission
    6. Must be use “google feedburner” for blogs traffic.

    Surprised no mention of many social media sites such as pinterest, blogger, linkedin, tumblr, etc which have high domain authority and posting quality content articles on them with anchor text backlinks to pages on your website is the way to go.

    avatar Al Sefati says:

    Thanks Miguel. Guest posting, as long as it adds value to users, continues to be my favorite method. Not only is it good for SEO, but it also brings referral traffic.

    As for event sponsorships, they do wonders for local SEO I have noticed. One link from a local newspaper and your golden.

    Hi Miguel,

    Great share, thanks. I’m about to launch a website that focuses mostly on interviews with experts and also event reviews.

    I think they’ll automatically be great categories to attract traffic. I’m excited!

    avatar maseteguh says:

    I agree with your 5 link building techniques. I also apply it on my site. In addition, the technique “skyscraper” is also sometimes I wear it. Thank you. Nice to meet you.

    avatar Gilbert says:

    I need to add those in my arsenal. I am a newbie in link building and I am doing the time consuming traditional link building method such as joining social bookmarking sites and blog commenting.

    avatar Gaurav says:

    Hi Miguel Salcido ,
    Some good resources you have shared here regarding linkbuilding.
    Google loves natural links and infographic sharing is the best way to build natural links.
    Social bookmarking – its also a good way to get quality links but you need to create 200 words of unique content for every submission. By doing this, you can get quality links.
    Guest posting still works but not every time.

    avatar Vamsi says:

    Great article. Guest posting has always worked for me. Tried my luck with how-to guides but not so successful so far.

    avatar Sara says:

    Excellent article – I actually got something from this, unlike so many of the articles on the Web today. I would not have thought of the scholarship one – that’s pure gold.

    Hey Miguel,
    Different kinds of links Building are available, but I thinks most powerful Guest Posting with high PR websites, because of it’s more trustable and knowing people to each other.
    Thanks for shared and excellent worked or enjoyed to reading this article too much.

    avatar Jasa Seo says:

    to this day I still use to build links from guest posts, but for years seemed like a good idea

    avatar TheAppforPC says:

    Nice post man! Thanks for sharing it.

    Thank you Miguel, let me try guest posting as a first step.

    avatar Abid Anwar says:

    useful article for bloggers. These days link building is very default tasks and in my view interview and guest posting is greatest ways to get quality link

    I’m going to say, what works for me is….building the links myself! I know it will upset the Google god, but we all know it works.

    avatar Status says:

    nice to read this

    Thanks, feeling good seeing these techniques. Going to share.

    avatar Nathan Brook says:

    Internal linking in a site is very important just as you have listed in the article. It helps share link juice within the linked pages and help you improve page ranks.

    very intersting and helpful topic.

    avatar Sadiq says:

    THanks Good Info Nice

    Great list of sources to link building techniques.. thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for Sharing Awesome Link Building Technique .

    nice article . how can i get dofllow backlink easily ?

    avatar Hazel Christine Herber says:

    Thank you for this post. I also help our restaurant partners in SEO and this information is truly valuable.

    avatar UP govt jobs says:

    Internal linking in a site is very important nice article…I am following these tips.

    avatar Ilham says:

    Great list of sources to link building techniques. Internal linking in a site is very important. Nice article. Thanks for sharing.

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