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December 4, 2015

Yahoo Reboots Messenger With Major Improvements

Faster Speed, Unsend Option Some Highlights of Changes

It seems Yahoo finally got the message, its Messenger system needed an update.

yahooYahoo announced Thursday it’s given Yahoo Messenger an overhaul adding new elements, streamlining the service and making it relevant again. The former incarnation was bulky, boxy and not overly user friendly, but the revamped version seems to be a sleeker machine with users in mind.

Jeff Bonforte, senior vice-president of product and engineering for communication products, explained in a blog entry the new messenger was created with group messaging in mind.

“We’ve made sharing, ‘unsending’ and ‘liking’ messages, photos and animated GIFs easy and insanely fast – unlike anything you’ve experienced before,” he stated in the blog entry.

That may be the neatest new feature: the unsend option. Even after a message or photo has been sent the sender can decide to click the ‘unsend’ option and whatever was sent doesn’t just disappear from their screen, it’s wiped out of the conversation from everyone’s eyes.

Yahoo’s hyping the new messenger up noting the image quality for photographs is “amazing” and they can be sent at lightning speeds. The company’s also encouraging users to show their love for posts, photos and comments they like.

“Show some love with a ‘like’ on any comment, photo or GIF. Unsend and ‘like’ are not only good for one-on-one conversations, but they are also invaluable for groups,” Bonforte wrote. “For example, at Yahoo, when we’re deciding where to meet for lunch, people throw out options on Yahoo Messenger and the group votes on their favorite using ‘like.'”

The biggest improvement, though, is likely the increased speed. Yahoo seems to know the previous version had some speed issues and it appears it has been rectified.

“Speed with communications is critical and the new Yahoo Messenger sets the bar in speed. In an area like photo sharing, it is almost inconceivably fast,” stated Bonforte. “Syncing conversations between Yahoo Messenger on the Web, in Yahoo Mail and your smartphone happens almost in real-time.”


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.