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December 24, 2015

Asus Mobile Browser to Have Ad Blocker as Defualt

Asus is teaming up with Adblock Plus to bring ad blocking to its mobile devices.

In fact, as of early 2016, all Asus Smartphones will come with Adblock Plus switched on by default on its mobile browser. However, if someone opts to switch to Firefox or Chrome, the ad blocker will not work.

So, now, when visiting sites with pop ups, Asus users will no longer have to be bombarded with unwanted ads.

As Motherboard reports, some ads are permitted through AdBlock Plus’s filters, but only if they make it through the company’s Acceptable Ads program.

While it is true that Asus does not have a huge customer base, its decision will not go over well with advertisers.

Asus is not the first company to support ad blocking, however.

The use of any ad blocking software on mobile devices has been at the center of attention since Apple introduced the ability to do so on its iPhones and iPads. Users rejoiced while advertisers and service providers collectively winced at the thought of lost revenue.

While ad blockers, without doubt, are great for Internet users, they can have a direct impact on websites and news sources.

Iit has been noted by many online publications that users need to be aware that blocking ads can have a direct impact on their favorite sites and news sources. Those sites rely on ad sales for finances and if the ads are blocked and can’t be seen, companies and advertisers will take their business elsewhere — possibly having a detrimental effect on the sites in question.