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December 31, 2015

Twitter Criticized For Diversity Hire

White Male Will Head Up Department Aimed At Hiring More Women, Minorities

Twitter hasn’t done itself any favors when it comes to expanding its employee diversity.

twitter social mediaEarlier this year the company announced it would be taking steps to increase underrepresented minorities on its workforce by 11 percent. The announcement came after a diversity report showed 59 percent of its American workforce is white.

So, to help address the issue, the 140-character social network decided to hire a head of diversity and did so in the form of former Apple worldwide inclusion and diversity director Jeffrey Siminoff. Siminoff has an impressive past, but the fact he is white has resulted in criticism.

Most prominently, civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson questioned Twitter’s move.

“Blacks and Latinos over-index on using Twitter, but their board of directors and C-suite leadership remain all white,” Jackson said in an interview with USA Today. “Jeff has a big mountain to climb, a tough task ahead. We hope he and Twitter’s leadership is up to the challenge.”

As well, as noted by The Verge, Siminoff is taking over a position previously held by a female, Janet Van Huysse. Another move which raises eyebrows considering that same diversity report showed Twitter’s staff is predominantly male, to the tune of 70 percent. Just as the company had said it would increase the number of minority members it employs, it had made a similar statement regarding hiring more females.

Diversity can certainly be achieved by Twitter but it’s first move isn’t setting the right tone and has only thrust the company into the spotlight over the issue.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.

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