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February 1, 2016

Apple Entering Virtual Reality Fray

Company Hiring Specialists, Has Created Prototypes: Reports

Samsung, Facebook and Microsoft are already working on virtual reality headsets, so should it come as any surprise Apple is also delving into the territory?

appleIn typical fashion, Apple has made no official announcement regarding any virtual reality systems or programs, but it appears the company has been assembling a team to work – quietly – on virtual reality projects. Reports indicate the company has even created prototypes of headsets.

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, wasn’t giving any hints last week during a conference call where the focus was his company’s financial performance. The matter of virtual reality was broached and, in typical Cook format, the CEO said the technology has been advancing.

“It is really cool and has some interesting applications,” he said, reported The Financial Times.

The speculation and reports regarding an Apple-created virtual reality unit come after the company hired known VR researcher Doug Bowman.

As reported by Mobile Syrup, Apple has also been scooping up employees from other firms and companies known to be working on virtual reality projects such as Microsoft and Lytro.

There’s been no indication Apple has any plans to share any insight into whether what they’re working on is, in fact, a virtual reality headset. However, Apple has also been known to deny rumors regarding products – like its line of watches, for example – before unveiling them in a very public fashion.


W. Brice McVicar is a staff writer for SiteProNews.