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March 9, 2016

Patent Reveals Ford Working on Vehicle Movie Screens

Forget going to the theater to watch a movie.

If Ford has its way, we will all be watching movies from the comfort of our vehicles.

The automotive company is working on a drop-down projection screen that covers a vehicle’s windshield, according to a newly published patent.

Sound bizarre? Ford is thinking ahead to when self-driving vehicles are a reality. And it is possible Ford could be one of the first major automakers with autonomous vehicles on the road if reports of the auto firm teaming up with Google are true. It was reported back in December that Google and Ford were talking about building self-driving vehicles together using the Internet firm’s technology.

The Ford patent outlines two separate modes for the movie screen. When a vehicle is in self-driving mode, the screen would completely conceal the windshield. If the vehicle were switched to manual drive mode, however, the screen would disappear and, instead, there would be an in-dash display for movie playback.

The patent also describes a computer that will keep track of the autonomous driving sensors and automatically pull the screen up if the vehicle needs to go to manual mode.

The patent describes it like this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.12.31 PM


Whether the Ford movie screen will ever become a reality will likely remain up in the air for some time.


2 Responses to “Patent Reveals Ford Working on Vehicle Movie Screens

    That will be a really nice thing to have in a self-driving vehicle.

    avatar Francis Beardsell says:

    I’d personally prefer to see where I’m going – even if my hands/feet weren’t actually controlling the vehicle. After all, there’s normally plenty to see outside, and even if there wasn’t, then I’d still like to keep an eye on what’s happening/where I am.

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