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March 11, 2016

Facebook Enjoying 60 Percent Share of All Downloaded Apps

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp Apps Put Social Network at Top of the Heap

Flickr photo by Maria Elena

Facebook is the official leader when it comes to the popularity of its apps, according to new stats from Nomura.

YouTube RedA new report from Nomura, obtained by Barrons, revealed Facebook’s apps — Istagram, Messenger, Whatsapp and, of course, the Facebook app itself — made up 60 percent of all app downloads last month.

While Facebook currently appears to be king of the mountain, Alphabet-owned Google’s apps are also very popular, putting the company firmly in second place. YouTube is the company’s most downloaded app followed by Gmail and Google.

Sitting in the third slot is Netflix, which enjoyed a large jump in downloads in January, according to the report, followed by Spotify in fourth which has a huge international download lead over competitor Pandora.

Snapchat sits in the fifth slot. And although its app has managed to edge past Instagram in the U.S., with only one app to offer, it will be hard for it to overtake Google or Facebook.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the report, however, is which companies failed to make the top 5. Namely, Twitter, which came in far behind Snapchat. Twitter has been struggling with stagnant user growth for some time and its stock reflects that.

What it comes down to is, simply, this, Twitter is so far behind Facebook, catching up seems all but impossible.