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June 20, 2016

Create a Successful SEO Campaign on a Limited Budget

Most businesses today have realized the importance of their presence online. It is even more important to run a successful SEO campaign regardless of the size of your business. SEO is a worthy investment but, if you are a brand working on a limited budget, it can be difficult to tackle. Below are some effective tips from an eminent San Diego SEO company.

Fix Technical Issues

If you are a novice in the field of SEO, then you should let the experts handle these matters for you. Hiring a professional and well-known SEO company will ease the burden. A professional company would analyze the current condition of your site and plan a strategy accordingly. Keeping your limited budget in mind an expert would fix the technical issues for a better SEO campaign.

Some of the fixes that can be made are:

  • If the links are redirecting to more than one page, then it needs to be fixed on a priority basis.
  • A professional would definitely change 302s to 301s – No link equity is passed on 302s.
  • The length of Title tags. Balanced title tags are known factors for ranking.

Relevant On-Site Content

With the arrival of Google’s latest updates, it is essential to have content that is relevant to your website. Google is more focused on meeting the queries of the users and ranks only websites that generate content relevant to the queries in that genre.

Fun content and listicles are good but not good enough if the reader can’t find an answer to his query. Quality content, which is informative and rich, is extremely important for consistent visibility according to the experts.

Work on Link Acquisition

Any effective SEO campaign in 2016 consists of a good amount of link acquisition. However, you need to work really hard at acquiring organic links to your website. For this, your basic strategy is to create content that would inspire people to talk about it and want to share it on their own.

If you have a tight budget or have limited resources, then it is best to inform the SEO company you are hiring in advance. A company having ample experience in the field would know which activities to employ for acquiring links. They may cut down a bit on your marketing and PR budget but would definitely work on getting a few high-quality links.


If you are planning to use some useful tools, you may want to search for the ones that are free because others like Buzzsumo may exceed your budget. The best way to generate a successful SEO campaign would be to understand your targeted market. Understand the needs of your potential customers and get the feel of the market as well. Utilize free tools like Google’s Consumer Surveys, which allow you to measure your site’s satisfaction free of cost.


Mark Long is an experienced content and SEO professional at Saba SEO, a San Diego SEO Company. His results-driven approach to content development helps businesses grow their Web presence and bottom line.