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June 24, 2016

B2B Website Design Elements That Influence Your Leads

You probably already know that a high-quality website is an integral component of a B2B digital marketing strategy. But what design elements have the biggest influence on your leads? Let’s take a look.

Personalized Content

Personalization is key in the world of B2B Internet marketing, so your content personalization efforts should start as soon as a visitor registers on your company’s website. At a bare minimum, your website should be recording all of a registered user’s activity to make relevant recommendations for related products and services that your business offers. You also want to personalize according to industry and geo-location. Remember, the higher the level of personalization, the more motivated visitors will be to look through your content, the longer they will stay on the site, and the higher the chances that they will convert.

Compelling Landing Pages

Landing pages are the key to conversion and should be the core of your lead generation strategy. A landing page is how you convert an anonymous visitor into an identifiable lead by prompting the visitor to hand over his or her contact information, including name, e-mail, company, etc. High-quality, compelling landing pages are arguably the most critical element of website design when it comes to influencing B2B leads. And the more landing pages, the better. A study conduct by HubSpot found that increasing the number of landing pages on a B2B website from 10 to 15 can cause a 55 percent increase in leads. When developing landing pages, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Keep content short and sweet. It is essential to craft short and punchy headlines for landing pages with words that create a sense of urgency. It is also a good idea to keep descriptions succinct.
  • Avoid any visual clutter. You don’t want visual clutter that draws your visitors’ attention away from your landing pages. Keep things clean and easy to read.
  • Limit the number of form fields. You want to leverage landing pages to collect visitors’ information, but you don’t want to frustrate a visitor with endless form fields. Only collect the necessary information.

As a general rule of thumb for B2B internet marketing, you should use landing pages to give visitors access to gated content (templates, white papers, eBooks, comparison guides, etc.), to promote online and offline events, and to encourage visitors to fill out forms for a free trial or demo for your products or services. If you need help developing compelling landing pages, it is well worth it to consult B2B Web design services or a B2B digital marketing agency.

Social Media Integration

When designing your website, you must consider social media. In the world of B2B, social media is becoming increasingly developed. Not only do you need to work to cultivate your business’ presence on relevant social media sites, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, you also need to make sure that social media is integrated with your website as part of your overall B2B digital marketing strategy. As part of your social integration strategy, you should also have a company blog that is easily accessible via your website. Blogging is a great way to attract leads. In fact, companies that blog generate five times more leads than companies that do not.

A Mobile Strategy

There is absolutely no denying it: In today’s world, mobile is a critical element of B2B Internet marketing, especially now that Google considers mobile-friendliness when ranking search results. Considering that roughly 60 percent of all searches are now performed on a mobile device, if you don’t have a mobile site, you are missing out on key traffic.

Last but not least, if you need help with particular elements of your B2B website design strategy, it never hurts to reach out to an expert. Proper Web design and development are key to generating traffic, influencing leads, and improving your overall bottom line.


Karen Lozada is sales director at MacRAE's Marketing, a leading online marketing agency with a proven track record of offering result-oriented digital marketing services to B2B and Industrial companies globally. Connect with her at Linkedin to discuss anything related to digital marketing.