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August 11, 2016

Interesting Predictions on the Future of Social Media in 2017

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Photo Credit: Jason A. Howie via flickr

Today, the number of active social media users has hit more than two billion globally, and this has been growing at a whopping 25 percent annually. Businesses have not been left behind when it comes to social media adoption. About 90 percent of U.S. companies actively use social media, and they agree that it has increased their sales. A number of advancements are expected in 2017 to continue changing the face of social media, and businesses have to become very dynamic to stay relevant in the industries they operate in. Below are some interesting predictions on the future of social media in 2017.

Social Networks in the Workplace

E-mails have dominated the workplace as far as internal communication is concerned. Company employees have continuously used e-mail to communicate within and outside of their departments. However, the advent of social networks’ groups will bring about a slow death to e-mail communication as employees create groups and forums to communicate more effectively. Social networking companies are now creating platforms through which employees will be able to communicate with each other and work on group tasks.

Social Networking Will Go Private

Unlike in the past where people have grown from communicating on walls to Inbox, now private groups are being created at an alarming rate, and it can only be expected that most social media activity will move to messaging apps and private groups. Many people are creating and using private groups on Facebook, WhatsApp and even Linkedln.

Adoption of Live Video

Facebook introduced Facebook Live in 2015, and this trend was expected to continue in 2016. However, live broadcasts are expected to reach another level. 2017 presents an opportunity to witness the wide-scale adoption of inexpensive virtual reality devices to enable immersive 3D experiences. Periscope and Meerkat are some of the live-streaming video platforms, and this trend is expected to gain momentum in 2017. Live video has more power to connect a business to its audience in a much more personal manner than a blog post, audio, podcast, or eBook could.

Companies Will Actively Use Employees to Market its Products and Services

Virtually eight in 10 businesses today have a dedicated team of social media enthusiasts to reach a larger audience. In 2017, companies will actively use this underutilized resource in a desperate move to spread the word. Through a committed social media team, companies will actively use their employee social advocacy programs, whereby workers will share social media updates about their companies by posting on their own personal social media accounts.

Currently, social media is quickly becoming a part of a typical company’s standard operating procedure. Social networks have changed how companies and businesses worldwide reach and interact with their clients from across the globe to market and sell their products and services, or communicate with their employees, customers and other interest groups. 2017 will see organizations harness the immense power of social networks in the workplace for internal purposes. While many of these changes in social networking in 2017 may not be revolutionary, they will be accelerated and a continuation of what has been there in the past. Any business that needs to stay relevant must adopt these expected changes because they are the key to success.


Martin Brown is a senior marketing executive at Top App Creators, a comprehensive listing service that acts as a platform for app development companies to showcase their services to prospective clients. You can follow his company on Facebook.