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December 8, 2016

Google and Slack Team Up to Take on Microsoft

Google and Slack on Wednesday announced an enhanced partnership that will bring a “suite of deep integrations” to Google Drive as the tech firms look to take on Microsoft’s chat-based Teams app.

Like Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google’s new integrations are aimed at the business community, enabling different groups or departments to chat and collaborate online in real time.

One of the new integrations, explained in a Slack blog post, is the additions of a Google Drive bots.

“For teams that use Slack and Google Drive together, including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, comments and requests for access can sometimes languish in e-mail notifications,” the blog post reads. “Now those notifications will arrive where you’re already working — inside Slack, via the Google Drive bot. The bot will use message buttons to enable you to approve, reject and settle comments from Slack, or you can open up Google Docs to resolve them there.”


Google and Slack team up.

Other integrations include:

The ability to keep your content and conversations in sync

Admins will be able to connect Team Drives with Slack channels. Files uploaded to a channel will be backed up to a Team Drive by default. Team Drive updates will then be shared in Slack. Team Drive can also be used as the main data store for any files uploaded to Slack.

Easy file sharing

Files shared in a Slack channel will automatically be accessible to the right people. Slack will ensure it is accessible to the group you’ve shared it with. If it does not work, you will be prompted to update your sharing settings.

Preview Google Docs in Slack

Google Doc previews are coming to Slack, meaning Docs shared in Slack will “display the content you need at-a-glance.”

Provision Slack from G Suite

Admins will have the ability to provision Slack for the company as a whole, right from the G Suite admin console.

“This feature will work for new and existing Slack teams, and will be especially useful for large orgs, as it ensures accounts are provisioned and removes potential for user error,” the blog post reads.

The new integrations will be available in the first half of 2017.


Jennifer Cowan is the Managing Editor for SiteProNews.